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Elements of Non-Fiction

No description

Marissa Bohan

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Elements of Non-Fiction

Elements of Non-Fiction
Types of Non-Fiction:
Biography: Factual account of another person's life
Non-Fiction: prose writing about real people, places, events, things, and ideas.
Purposes of Non-Fiction:
- To inform
-To describe
-To persuade or give an opinion
- To entertain
Types of Non-Fiction
Expository Writing: gives information or explains something based on facts.
to inform.
Prose: Ordinary language in writing or language not in verse
Autobiography: A factual account of a person's own life, written by himself
Descriptive Writing: tells a reader exactly what something looks, feels, tastes, or sounds like.
to describe.
Narrative Writing: relates an incident, anecdote, or series of events by narrating or telling a story, using a specific time, place, and character(s).
to entertain

Persuasive Writing: states a view or an opinion, and supports it effectively so that the reader persuaded to accept the opinion as correct. Purpose:
to persuade or give an opinion
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