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Welcome to 6th Grade !

No description

Jessica Ann

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to 6th Grade !

Teacher: Miss. Abramaitis
Grade: 6th
Subject: ELA / Science / Religion

" If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."
Welcome :)
Plan for the Year
Historical, Realistic, Persuasive, and Science fiction, Drama, Fables, Myths, Poetry, Narrative Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Informational Text, etc.

Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills/Strategies,
Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Spelling

Scientific inquiry, Mapping Earth, Our Solar System, Earth's Composition, Natural Resources, Exploring Life (plants & animals), Properties of Matter, Energy

Revelation of God, Sacrifice, Covenant, Prayer, Eucharistic Celebration, Commandments, God's Kingdom, Sacraments, Scriptures, and Psalms of Praise.
Be Prompt
- be on time and in your seat.
Be Prepared
- bring all needed materials to class.
Be Polite
- respect yourself and others.
Be Productive
- use your class time to finish work and hand in homework on time.

My goal is for my students to grow and improve academically, socially, and emotionally.
About Me
I am excited for my 2nd year at St. Stan's :)
I am a former St. Stan's graduate.
I attended The University at Albany for my Bachelors Degree.
I attended St. John's University for my Duel Masters Degree in Childhood and Special Education.
My favorite color is purple.
My favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees.
My favorite football team is the NY Giants.
Ms. Abramaitis
Welcome to 6th Grade !
As a class we came up with 5 major classroom rules for us to follow.

1. Do not call out. Please raise your hand.

2. Always be prepared for class.

3. Always use your manners. Be respectful to

4. No inappropriate behavior (bullying, bragging).

5. Don't speak when someone else is speaking.
Classroom Procedures

- Turning in homework/classwork
- Finishing work early
- Transitioning
- Absent
- Prayer
- Dismissal

Grading System
- Students will be graded numerically.
*** Below 70 is Failing

- Grading percentages:

- Tests / Essays / Labs 50%

- Quizzes /Projects / Classwork / Participation 30%

- Homework / Journal 20%
Classroom Jobs
Students will alternate classroom job responsibilities throughout the year.

There are 8 jobs available and will be changed on a monthly basis.
Classroom Routine
1. Enter the room quietly

2. Copy homework

3. Take out any homework/notes that are due

4. Look at board for any "Welcome Work"

5. Prepare for class to begin
Disciplinary Plan
Class Dojo
- Students can track their points
-- Addition of points for good behavior
-- Deduction of points for bad behavior

- Students can earn rewards once they reach a point achievement mark.
-- Ex. No hw pass, sit with a buddy pass, sweet treat, pencil

- Parents will be notified of all behavior points earned by each student.

Beat the Teacher

Here is how it works:

- When I need the class to quiet down, I start counting backwards from five: 5-4-3-2-1. The count could be quiet, loud, fast, or very slow. You must be listening...

- If I get to "1" and there is even one student talking, I get the tally point. If the entire class is quiet, they get the point.

HW should be completed on a nightly basis.

5 point will be deducted for every day a HW is missed/incomplete/late.


Students will be notified about a
a week in advance.

Reading quizzes will given on a weekly/biweekly basis

Grades will be placed on Option C and can be viewed at any time.
I'm done. Now what?
If you finish a test or class work earlier than the rest of the class please do one of the following:

- Read a book
- Finish uncompleted class work
- Write a journal entry
- Practice your vocabulary words
- Study for an upcoming test

*Make sure you always check your work first!

- Close

- Prepare

- Refocus

When you hear me say CPR you know we are in a transitioning period.

During our transitional periods (between subjects or in hallway) we are quiet.
If your child is absent:
Make sure you send in a signed note about the reason he/she was absent.
Missed work must be completed within 1-3 days depending on how long your child was absent.
Please continue to practice your daily prayers.

As a class we will pray:
In the morning
Before lunch
After lunch
We will dismiss as class at 2:40 pm.
Bus students will be dismissed a few minute earlier.
After school students can go to gym when the class dismisses to the school yard.

Remember the bell does not dismiss you I do.
Tell Me About You
Top of index card write your full name.

1. Nickname:

2. Favorite Subject:

3. Hobbies/Interests:

4. What is one goal you want to achieve by June?

5. Do you have daily access to a computer?

6. Do you have any siblings in the school?
a. Sibling name:
b. Sibling grade:

- Spanish & Art
- Church & Gym
- Library
- Music
- Computer

**Monday is PIZZA DAY :)
(Starting this upcoming Monday Sept. 12)
How can you make a difference?
Birthday Celebration
As mandated by the Principal:

Students may bring in any type of
treats for our class to celebrate their special day.
Cupcakes, munchkins, fruits snacks, small chip bags, juice boxes, mini water bottles, wrapped rice krispy treats/brownies.
No goodie bags!
I must be
notified at least 2 days in advanced
about if you are sending in any treats for the class.
Contact Info
Best ways to contact me:

DOJO direct message
Email me: Jabramaitis@ststansschool.org
Notes sent into school with student.
A phone call through the school office.
Birthday Invitations may only be handed out in class only if the WHOLE class is invited or a specific gender.
School Pick-up
Please remember to fill out and send in the Emergency Contact forms send home with your child today.

On the back of contact form there is section to list name of individuals who you will allow to pick up your child after school.
If a person picking up your child is not on the list you must send in a written note stating who will be picking up with child either to me or directly to the office for safety purposes.

6th Grade NY State Testing

ELA Testing Dates:
-- March 28 - 30

Math Testing Dates:
-- May 2 - 4

** Terra Nova Testing will begin on Oct. 11
If you would like to take a moment to write a little note in your child's journal notebook. Encourage them to do their best and have a great school year!
Journal Entry
All parents or relatives must be
Virtus trained
to volunteer on any school trip and/or any school event with children present.
Student handbooks need to be read, signed, and handed into me.
Nov. 2 Individual picture day (students MUST dress UP!)
Nov. 3 Class picture day (students in full uniform)
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