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Literacy Presentation

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manisha sidhu

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Literacy Presentation

1. Which of these media do you find most inviting and promising for classroom study?
a. television b. film c. magazines
d. newspaper e. radio f. comics
6. List 5 qualities you consider to be heroic.
Name one public person you would consider to be a hero.
Mahatma Gandhi
Someone I consider a hero is Mahatma Gandhi, he showed all the qualities of being a hero.
Are the roles for females heroes different from the roles of valued for males?
I think that they should be treated equally, but male and female roles are still valued differently.
Literacy Presentation
I find that television is most promising and inviting for classroom study because many students watch television. Nowadays, every student has their own TV shows or movies that they watch and each student had their own opinion on them.
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