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The Labrador Tea

No description

Julie Brackeen

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Labrador Tea

Pictures of the Arctic Tundra
Pictures of The Labrador Tea
The Labrador Tea is white with the stamens of the flowers sticking out of the plant. it has short leaves around 1-2 inches wide and long. The plant has shallow roots for gathering water without going as deep as the permafrost.
The plant has adapted to be able to acheive photosynthesis in the harsh climate. In the warmer areas of the tundra, it grows straight up and in the colder areas, it grows almost carpet-like, closer to the ground. The plants keeps the dead leaves that die for extra warmth. The leaves are curved and droop underneath to maintain that warmth. The dark colors of the plant, exception of the flowers, are to help the plant to attract heat. Bees are the only pollenators the plant can have because the plant's flowers are poisonous. If so much of one bite is taken of the flower, it poisons the animal and the animal dies.
The Labrador Tea grows in the Arctic Tundra in the North.
There it is very cold and dry.
There is very little rainfall.
The winters are long and the summers are short.
The Labrador Tea
The seeds of the Labrador Tea are tiny. Their casing is very thin and they are in groups in one capsule. They rely on the wind to disperse them.
Labrador Tea Medical Uses
(Ledum Groenlandicum)
Normally, people take Labrador Tea for sore throats, chest congestion, coughs, lung infections, and other ailments. The plant can be applied directly to the skin for skin problems a-plenty.
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