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GSII - SS09 - w01

Generative Scripting II 20.04 w01 - introduction

Daniel da Rocha

on 19 November 2009

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Transcript of GSII - SS09 - w01

generative scripting II ss09 20.04 w01 introduction idea contemporary projects which use geometric algorithms to structure and organize its space Serpentine Pavillion 2002 Toyo Ito & Cecil Balmond this class last semester quick recap quick presentation first project recursion first assignment serpentine pavillion 2002 toyo ito + cecil balmond recursion function called in itself fractals l-systems functions sets divide a problem into subproblems of the same type infinity within finity assignment 01A define a simple recursive algorithm primitive 2-dimensional shapes create diagrams showing initial state how the rule is applied final condition how this rule is going to generate complexity delivery: post by 25.04 at the course blog (gs-ii.blogspot.com)
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