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Glow Stick Experiment

No description

Amanda D

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Glow Stick Experiment

Glow Stick Experiment
The main purpose of this lab was to discover whether or not the green glow sticks will change color because of the different environments in which they are placed.

During this experiment I analyzed which glow stick will glow brighter by placing each glow stick into two different glasses; one holding hot water, and the other one holding cold water.
The independent variable in this lab is the temperature of the water. The dependent variable will be whether or not the glow sticks change color due to the temperature difference. Variables to keep constant include, keeping both dependent variables using the same brand of glow sticks, leaving them both in at the same time, setting the glow sticks in the same environment and using the same amount of water.
I hypothesized that there would be a slight glow difference between the two glow sticks. The cold water would affect the glow by producing a dimer light, compared to the glow stick placed in the hot water.
I concluded that the results matched my hypothesis. Based on the evidence from the experiment, the cold water produced a reaction to the glow; causing it to produce less light. Hot water increased the brightness of the glow stick from its original state.
To determine the scale of brightness, I calculated a scale from 1-10. I decided 10 would be considered brightest, and 1 would be little if no light at all. The original brightness of the glow stick I rated a 5.

Data Table #1 Color Results
(Hot Water): 8
(Cold Water): 4

(Left - Hot Water) (Right - Cold Water)
Graph: Scale of Brightness
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