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Summarizing- Fiction verses NonFiction

No description

Heather Highley

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Summarizing- Fiction verses NonFiction

Summarizing- Fiction verses NonFiction
Summarizing a Fictional Text
What is a summary?
A summary is a short description of the most important events in a story. It tells what happens. To summarize a fiction story, readers need to think about the important story elements such as: characters, plot and setting. these story elements help answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?
We can use 5 simple sentence stems to identify the story elements...
Differentiating between summarizing fiction and nonfiction- How is summarizing nonfiction different than a fiction summary?
- They are both a short or consise descroption of the most important parts in a text.
- in fiction you focus on events... someone, wanted, but, so, then
- in nonfiction you focus on important details or facts that support the main idea.
How do you find important information in a text?
1. Read the whole selection first and then look for the main idea.
2. Ignore the little details.
3. Re-read.
4. Step back and think about the whole picture.
5. Text features to look for: italics, bold print, punctuation, titles and subtitles.
Coding A Text- to find important information in nonfiction text
something neat to read about
fun facts
your opinion that it is interesting
something you find cooool
not always important to the article
needed for the topic
major fact
you need to know to understand
an answer to a question
important to the subject/main idea
Summarizing Nonfiction- sentence stems
1. The text ______(title)_____________ is about____________(main idea)_______________.
2. First you should know_____(detail #1)________.
3. Also, ________(detail #2)__________________.
4. Finally,_______(detail #3)__________________.
5. Now I think,_______(opinion)__________because
___________(detail to support opinion)_________.
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