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Vagrant - introduction

No description

Gergo Boros

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Vagrant - introduction

a virtualized development tool VAGRANT GOAL Boxes Synced folders Questions to reduce time spent on project setup
to ensure the same environment for each individual who's working on the project
to ease the creation and maintenance of these environments Provisioning configuring Apache and other dependencies for the project How it works? it's like a make file written in Ruby
it downloads a file (box) which is a disk image of an environment (typically linux) that has enough Vagrant like configuration in it
uses a "recipe", a Vagrant file which further configures your virtual environment General information by default, Vagrant shares your project directory (remember, that is the one with the Vagrantfile) to the "/vagrant" directory in your guest machine open-source
wrapped around VirtualBox (which is also open-source)
can be used for projects written in Php, Java, Python, Ruby etc.
no more "worked on my machine" alibi:)

makes virtualized development easy a base image to quickly clone a virtual machine
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