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Unit 12: Giving a talk and dealing with questions.

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Salvador AA

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Unit 12: Giving a talk and dealing with questions.

Listen and write two questions to ask during the talk.
Role play
Talk together
Choose a topic you know very well.
Giving a short talk
Improvising an answer
How did the stuntman from this unit get into business?
Student A
What was Mike Caxton's talk about? How many parts did his presentation consist of?
Student B
Giving a talk and dealing with questions
- Have you ever found something old, valuable or something?
- What kinds of things do yo
u thin
k treasure hunt
ers loo
k for?
- W
here m
ight they loo
k for the
Make a list of ideas you would like to communicate.
Organise your ideas using expressions from page 97.
Prepare to give a 3-minute talk to your classmates.
How can I give myself time to think?
You are going to talk for 2 minutes about a hobby.
Give the talk and deal with the questions at the end.
Now you are going to answer some questions about this unit.
Don't worry if you don't know the answer, you can check it, BUT you need to use one of the expressions from page 102 (exercise 2a and 4)
Er... what did I want to say...?
Thanks for your attention
You know, like when you finish a presentation, erm...
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