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Hero By Ron Woods

No description

Jeremy Murray

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Hero By Ron Woods

Jamie is a character fueled by creativity and determined actions his plans often go wrong without supervision like our other character his plans have also killed someone which is why the rest of the book is a tragic funeral

Jamie is the character who doesn't know what to do half of the book but his actions are always flowing with creativity he was the one who thought burning the grass would save time granted this went horribly wrong afterward but it was a clever time saver however like most creative minds his plans would go even more horribly wrong
Jamie's Traits
The "Incident"
Incident Galore
By:Ron Woods
The "Incident" part 2
accidents happen....
Jerry is a kid who is clever but kinda a jerk he calls everyone name whether they like it or not but is very loyal to the friends he has
in the first sentence of the book Jamie says "At the time in had no way of knowing all that my plans would set in motion" ths proves the fact that he is the one who came up with the raft idea however his does not prove that it is that plan but we can assume that because of other quotes by Jamie and Company
Our heroes now being swept away by the river are now caught in its flow with no way out of it so they waited until they could find someone to help

them out of this predicament however there

time to find someone is running low due to the fact that a dam is coming on the horizon and eventually they fall off said dam and Jerry falls of and gets back to the shore but Jamie and Dennis are still stuck on the raft that they built and with another dam on the horizon they panic and fall off of the dam and while Jamie was saved Dennis wasn't so lucky he died in the fall because he couldn't swim and neither did most of the towns folk
The End
The End
The End
The End
The End
The End
Jerry's Traits
Jerry is in short a kind person to the friends he has he has helped every single character in some way or another main or not he helped Jamie with the raft and help Dennis down from the non-threatening 2-foot cliff but still he was in need of help he also help Arlie Leeper (Dennis Dad) to cope with the fact that Dennis is one for good this time.
While Building the raft a character name Dennis Leeper decided to join on the main characters quest to cross the river safely without using a bridge the characters agree to let him in on the project but it was almost done anyway once the raft was ready they decided to let all of them go 2 at a time but they had Dennis Hold the rope so they don't go flowing down the river because they while they weren't very bright they could put 2 and 2 together however when tasked with holding the rope the sheer power of the river swept away by he river with Dennis, Jamie, and Jerry after Panicking because Dennis couldn't swim
Quotes 2
the second quote I'm going to give is toward Jerry's kind actions "She didn't stop to help? I ought to throw her out of my will" Dad said "Jerry took that as his prompt to help us himself" this shows that Jerry was kind enough to help Jamie and his Dad fix the Fence
By Jeremy Murray
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