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ESCO Vision & Business Cases

No description

Martin le Vrang

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of ESCO Vision & Business Cases

lawyer Trial
lawyer Legal
sionals Computing, engineering and science professionals Profes-
sionals Computing profes- sionals Computing professionals not elsewhere classified Technicians
and associate
professionals Computing,
engineering and
science associate
professionals Computer
professionals Computer
assistants Computer
operators Data
operator Web master Network
technician Уебмастър
Tīmekļa meistars
Tinklalapio višininkas
... Website administrator a person responsible for
maintaining one or
many websites NPT: Definiton: bg
... Criminal
law Labour
law Contract
law Negotiation
skills Active
listening Transversal
skills Social &
tion skills Job
skills Law Arts Computing Sculptural
modelling Systems
testing Java Sun
Certified Java
Programmer Microsoft
Engineer National
cations Intl. quali-
(tasks &
technologies) Computing Welding European
Engineer European
Specialist Journey-
man's certif-
icate, cook Bachelor
of business
administration Doctorate,
biology Computer security manager ESCO Business Cases Classification 6 Classification 5 Classification 1 Classification 2 Classification 3 Classification 4 Classification 6 Classification 5 Classification 1 Classification 2 Classification 3 Classification 4 ESCO Business Cases Semantic Interoper-abiltiy Bring education and employment closer together Skills intelligence Monitoring & forecasting skills demand Statistics &
Research Exchanging data Crossing language barriers Intra-EU mobility Transparent learning outcomes Lifelong learning Career guidance Matching people to jobs ...
Organisational skills and competences
I am a senior electrician which also involves organising teams to carry out various work projects.

Technical skills and competences
Knowledge of ETCI regulations governing temporary installations. Much experience in installing motor control circuit wiring, relays, overload units, protective devices and push button indicators.

Other skills and competences
Certificate in Project Management
Certificate in First Aid
... Curriculum Vitae Occupational mobility
Transversal skills
Training needs & upskilling Introductory Meeting Reference Groups, 29/30 April 2013 Skills & Competences Learning outcomes Communication obstacles Transversal skills Europe 2020
An Agenda for new skills and Jobs "To ensure that the competences required to engage in further learning and the labour market are acquired and recognised throughout general, vocational, higher and adult education and to develop a common language and operational tool for education/training and work: a European Skills, Competences and Occupations framework (ESCO)." Vision ESCO Vision & Business Cases Skills-based online job matching Structuring data Prior learning experiences Making data comparable C# Programmation orientée objet Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen System design and development Better connecting "proxies" to skills Collecting data Skills classification
Detailed occupations classification (extension to ISCO)
Facilitate use of real time labour market data Analysing & comparing data Making data accessible Slicing & dicing
Drill up & drill down
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