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Book Talk

Elsewhere presentation

Nancy Mountains

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Book Talk

By: Gabrielle Zevin The Author was born on October 29 1977 in New York City, USA, where she still resides with her 8 year old pug named Mrs. DeWinter
author and a screenwriter
likes to write for adults and young adults about real life problems
writes real life fiction Gabrielle Zevin has written 5 books which are:
2.“Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac”
4. “The Hole We're In”
5.“All These Things I've Done” gets the inspiration to write her books based on problems in real life. She wants everyone to know the problems many people face in the world and wants to express them.
for example, her book “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” is a book about a girl dealing with Amnesia and how she goes through her life with it.
her book “The Hole We're In” talks about family problems such as losing jobs, and divorce. Zevin has writtn five other books which are: Was nominated for:
independent spirit award for best screenplay
Austin film fare award
Won numerous awards such as:
American Library Association
Barnes and Noble Book Club
Quill Award
Borders Original Voice award Gabrielle Zevin Plot A fifteen-year old girl named Elizabeth Marie Hall (or Liz) finds herself in ELSEWHERE after dying in a bicycle accident. After a long ride on the SS Nile, Liz has finally realized that she's not in a dream after all, but really dead. When she arrives on Elsewhere, she meets her grandmother, Betty, for the very first time. A woman who died at fifty from cancer, Betty is now in her thirties. This is one of the first surprises Liz is in for is the fact that on Elsewhere, lives are lived backward from the age of a person's death. This thought depresses Liz. She'll never be sixteen, never have a driver's license, never go to the prom or graduate from high school or go to college or get married. The only thing she has to look forward to is growing younger, until she returns to being an infant and is sent back to Earth to be born again. Conflict The conflict/problem in the book “Elsewhere is that Liz is in Elsewhere, a place she doesn't like at first and is trying to get out somehow. She hates it despite the fact that she died at the age of 15 and missed out on many things like her sweet sixteen, driving a car. She spends most of the time at the observation decks or the OD's which is a place where people are able to look at what is happening back at earth. Sometimes she felt really mad like when she was watching her best friend Zoe’s wedding, but she couldn't go since she was dead. Theme The theme of this book is to face the facts. For example, Liz doesn't like it at all in Elsewhere, and gets really mad but later on, she learns that she can't do anything about it. She has to face the fact that she is dead, and that she will go back to earth as baby, to begin a whole new life. Resolution The resolution or conclusion of the book “Elsewhere” is that Liz finally gets the hang of Elsewhere and starts liking it there. Day by day, she stops visiting the observation decks a lot, and improves on her behaviour. She appreciates all the effort her grandma Betty has put forth for Liz's happiness and starts to really like her. As time passed, Liz was ageing backwards just as everyone else does in Elsewhere and doesn't realize how fast time passes by. Liz soon was a baby and was sent back to Earth to begin a new life as the same person in another family. Emotions The thing that made me sad in this story was the very fact that Liz died. That's how the story begun. Also, the person who had hit Elizabeth while she was riding her bike, did not stop or anything, but instead, he just called the police and left her lying there on the road alone. Another thing that made me sad was reading about all the trouble Liz's family and friends went through. In this story, there is one person who really inspired me. This person is Liz's grandmother. She never lost hope and always kept trying. When Liz arrived in Elsewhere, her grandma tried and tried to make her happy, but never gave up, or lost hope. She knew she could do it, and she did. The thing that made me mad in this story was when Liz arrived at Elsewhere and her grandmother picked her up. I really didn't like the way Liz treated her grandmother at the beginning. She gave her a lot of trouble. Her grandma tried helping her in so many ways to cheer Liz up, but she just wouldn't cooperate. In this story, what made me say wow was the place Elsewhere itself and the way it works. I thought the fact that people age backwards was very cool. Elsewhere is an amazing place where nobody can get hurt, and nothing bad happens. Liz's grandma described it as Heaven. Relate & Reflect I can relate this story to my own life. What I can relate to is losing loved ones and how it feels. I've lost loved ones, and I know how it hurts. It feels like your world is incomplete without those people, and especially when you remember the times you've had with them, it makes you very sad. I think this is exactly how Liz's family and friends felt about the death of Elizabeth since she was a very important part of their life. I know this because when Liz was watching those people from the observation decks, they were always sad. But then there comes a time when we have to move on with our lives as well, and we tend not to remember those people as much. The book Elsewhere is based on a very imaginative idea of reincarnation. Gabrielle Zevin, the author came up with the place Elsewhere which is the place people go to after they die. This is very similar to heaven. I feel that the author did a very good job to make the reader understand Elsewhere, its system, and how it works. However, I felt that the story ended in a very predicting manner, and that Zevin could have changed it to make it more interesting. For example, since the reader knows that dead people go back to earth to be born again, I would have made it so that some problem happens and Liz couldn't go back to Earth. Main Character The author wants us to realize that the main character, Liz is not enjoying her life at elsewhere and she really wants to go back to earth. She is usually depressed, sad, and restless. But, later on in the story, she gets a lot better and starts to realize that she has to face the facts. Zevin did a very good job expressing Liz's feelings about Elsewhere when she arrived. I felt sad for Liz at that point, and I can relate to this and I think many others can as well, that when we go to a new place, we have to get used to it properly in order to stay for a long time. It might be difficult at the beginning, but then it becomes easy. Also, in the beginning of the book, Liz had died, and this got my attention to read further. The author arranged the story in such a way that in the beginning, something bad would always happen to Liz. This made me engage my sympathy for her. Fun facts Did you know that Gavrielle Zevin is a Harvard graduate? Did you know that the book " Elsewhwere" has been published in 17 different languages? Bilbliography www.memoirsofa.com www.goodreads.com us.macmillan.com www.teenreads.com Thanks for !!!watching!!!!
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