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No description

Andrew Kmiec

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of SERC

A National Science Foundation Industry /
University Cooperative Research Center Continuing a quarter-century commitment
to research excellence... Working to Make Software: Secure
Easy to Use
Economical ...to protect our military ...to improve communication Breakthroughs in: Software Design Metrics
Spotlighting "The Code"
Smart Manuals
Software Development Process Improvements
Safety in "Smart Homes"
Provably Secure Software Systems Development through Security Typed Languages
Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Industry &Government Affiliates: Intelligent
Technologies An International Flavor... Partner Universities: Over 50 Renowned Researchers: National Schwarzkopf Prize Winners
Journal Editors and Distinguished Professors
NSF Career Award Winners
Conference-Best Paper Award Winners
Conference Program Chairs
...and a diverse set of faculty Working with Affiliates in: Requirements Capturing
Software Design Metrics and Feature Analysis
Process Improvement Initiatives
Software Reliability
Software Testing User Interface Design
Usability Issues
Global Software Development
Visualization Environments
Dynamic and Static Analyses Interactive Collaborative Environments
Testing and Model Checking for Concurrent Programs
Security and Vulnerability Analyses
Intrusion Detection
Information Protection
Tamper-Proof Smart Cards Direct Benefits to Affiliates: Customized Research Projects
Earning a 7:1 - 10:1 ROI
Technical Reports
On-Site Short Courses and Seminars
Summer Interns & Future Employees
Innovations Leading to New Products
Improved Software Quality and Increased Productivity
Improved Software Security Benefits to Faculty & Students: Industrial Research Project Experience
World-Class Practitioner Collaboration
Feedback on Research Ideas
Industrial Strength Research Data
Internships & Full-Time Employment A quarter-century commitment to research excellence
in software engineering and software security... PROVEN... COST-EFFECTIVE... COLLABORATIVE... ...and we're not done yet! DEDICATED... USA England Ireland
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