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6.03 Research Chart

No description

Alexis Steele

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of 6.03 Research Chart

1. We can agree to upgrade our sewaging systems
3. Yes, there are multiple perspectives, mainly because some people agree and some dont agree on upgrading sewaging systems.
1. Better system.
2. Not having to worry about the sewaging backing up.
3. Having the best sewaging system.
Rest of the World
1. Getting better sewaging systems also.
2. Better system.
3. Having a good sewaging system.
1. Clean water.
2. More business for water.
3. More people wanting jobs to pay for their upgrading.
6.03 Research Chart
2. Others can also agree to upgrade their sewaging systems
1. Clean Water.
2. You'll always know there won't be dirty water.
3. You can't get sick from the clean water
1. Costs of upgrading.
2. Could have to go without water while its being upgraded.
3. Taxes could be higher from upgrading.
1. Costs of upgrading.
2. Less business from not having as much money.
3. Less business for a while while they upgrade the system.
1. Costs of upgrading.
2. Highering taxes.
3. More in debt.
1. Not having enough money.
2. Having a bad sewaging system.
3. Could have back ups in the system.
1. Having better sewage.
2. People upgrading it.
3. The new system could really help.
1. Could bring in more business.
2. Could raise taxes.
3. More people need jobs.
1. Having to higher taxes.
2. Better sewaging system.
3. Best sewaging system they could have.
1.Better sewaging system.
2. Not as worried as back ups.
3. Others agree with upgrading it.
1. The sewaging could still back up.
2. Some not wanting to spend the money.
3. Others not agreeing with it.
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