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Yes I am & Yes I Can

No description

Karen Redding

on 23 March 2018

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Transcript of Yes I am & Yes I Can

The New Psychology of Success
Yes, I am & Yes I can:
What are You Afraid of?
What Were You Afraid of?
We can do it!
We can do anything!
On Labels, Mindsets, and Contract Grading
in a Developmental English Classroom

Take a moment to recall a time in your professional
life when you had an opportunity for advancement or recognition, but you talked yourself out of taking the
next step. What stopped you?
It's not just "effort"
“Let’s talk about what you’ve tried, and what you can try next."
close achievement gaps, don't hide them.
help them find a way
by: Carol S. Dweck
General Course Structure
Intro to concepts of Mindset & Neuroplasticity
Intro to Active Reading & Writing as a Process

: Previewing
growth vs. fixed mindsets
Application of Growth Mindset "voice":
Make a choice to grow and be willing to fall and get back up...many times.
Sample Essay Introduction Lesson
: Writing as a journey (that you've chosen)
: Pre-writing, Drafting, Revising, Editing...and letting go.
: growth vs. fixed mindsets
Application of Mindset Voice
Make the decision to become a better writer.
Accept that your fixed mindset "voice" may be triggered.
Understand that you will work hard.
Use the strategies we've practiced
Realize that you may not succeed in the way you hope.
Plan to listen / read feedback and try again
Application of Strategies
Go through the process
Make some mistakes (misunderstand, procrastinate, get off track)
Get feedback.
Reflect on process and on feedback (journal)
But wait...
We need some strategies!
Features of 0999 @ UNG:
up to 24 students
(Oconee = smaller)
Instructor alignment by campus
Mine: One professor for 1101: One for 0999
Others: Paired 1101/0999, same professor
Associate Degrees; Open Option
50 min / week (one class day)
Some Misconceptions
Avoid False Growth Mindsets
Words are not enough
Watch for "triggers":
Extreme anxiety
Voice in your head warning you away
Response to setbacks
Making excuses
Negative emotional response to feedback
Response to a colleague's success
Keep noticing, then keep working

I behave as I behave because I believe what I believe
I am a
Contract Grading:
Peter Elbow: "A Unilateral Grading Contract to Improve Learning & Teaching" (2009)
Included with syllabus
Signed, copied, returned
Discussed at mid-point
Sometimes grading, sometimes...not?
Fall 2017
English 0989 (Foundations-level)
Small class size
150 min / week (two class meetings)
Compositions included
Engagement (reading, drafting, risk-taking)
Spring 2018
English 0999 (Co-Requisite level)
Small class size
50 min / week (one class meeting)
Compositions NOT included
Engagement (reading, drafting, risk-taking)
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