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MIT Researchers Discover New Energy Source


Ryan Thayer

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of MIT Researchers Discover New Energy Source

MIT Researchers Discover New Energy Source
Ryan Thayer
p.5 Summary
On Friday, reaserchers at MIT accidentally came across a reaction that can be used as a source of energy
When fuel was applied to small wires, it created a powerful wave of thermoenergy
Scientists say they can use this "thermoenergy" to power future electronics
Researchers hope to refine and simplify the process to make a smaller, environmentally safe battery
The goal is to produce smaller batteries that contain more energy output Outline The scientists' goal is to create a battery that is smaller, environmentally efficient, and has a greater energy output
In order for a batttery to work, electrons have to pass from it to the device it is powering
The new thermal battery happens to accomplish the same process, but it can be condensed further than a regular battery
But there are drawbacks
In order for a thermobattery to have a higher output, it will require more space, which won't make the battery more condensed than a normal one
Currently there is no other form of "housing" other than the toxic metals that currently exsist in normal batteries Parallel to World History This article is parallel to world history because it can be compared to all of the other forms of environmentally safe alternate energy
Comparisons: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, nuclear, biofuel, and tidal forms of energy
All of these forms were discovered and pursued to make better, refined sources of energy
My Opinion I think that any form of safe, alternate energy is good to have
It is especially nice when the alternate form discovered can power electronics such as computers and cell phones
This will reduce CO2 emissions from the batteries of electronic devices that have the potential to be powered by this alternate form of energy :)
The only drawback is that there is no technlogy to create condensed batteries with more energy output, yet... The History of Thermal Use Thermal optics have been in use for years
The most famous optics are thermal cameras and scopes used by the military
These thermal devices are used to distinguish individuals in condensed spaces, and to extract people from "hot spots"
Currently, the U.S. military is looking into thermal batteries to power certain devices Sources http://vimeo.com/7822631
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