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Growth Mindset

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Daniel Simpson

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset
What is it? Why is it important?
What is Growth Mindset?
Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell, along with their team of researchers, spent a number of years examining the mindset of elementary age students.

Trevor Ragan summarizes Dweck and Blackwell's findings below.


We have two mindsets:

1. Fixed Mindset--believes that intelligence is static.

2. Growth Mindset--believes that intelligence can be expanded. (This is the mindset we want to instill in our students.)
So what can teachers do?
Change ourselves from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
Teach students that intelligence is not fixed.
The brain is a muscle that gets bigger with knowledge.
Praise effort rather than grades.
Students respond better to effort-based praise than to intelligence-based praise.
Stress that learning is a journey.
Carol Dweck explains what can be done to create a growth mindset--the power of "yet".
Why is developing a growth mindset so important?
It teaches our students that the learning process is more important.
It shows our students that they can be and do whatever they choose as long as they set their minds to it.
It removes from our students vocabulary the word "can't" because a growth mindset says they can.
It turns our students into lifelong learners.
It makes our students better people.
Growth mindset bridges the achievement gap and the social, economic, and racial divide in education.
Growth mindset changes the world.
For more information see:
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For Teachers:
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