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RTI Model

No description

Lucas Lange

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of RTI Model

Response to Intervention Model
RTI Model
Tier 1:
Jasmine Keller is a 4th grade student. Her
skills were preassessed in September, 2009, when she scored 32 out of 102. Based on classroom, district, and state assessments, Jasmine's
proficiency is only at the second grade level. Several teachers are concerned about her weak
short-term memory
affecting her ability to perform in several key areas in the general education classroom. Based on several assesments and classroom work sample evidence, it is recommended that Jasmine be phased into Tier 2 of the RTI process. The classroom teacher and the special educator and/or other specialists should meet to determine the appropriate interventon action plan. Parents should be notified of the intervention plan and they should be encouraged to assist at home.

Tier 2:
Tier 3:
At the Tier 3 level, Jasmine will experience extensive monitioring and one-on-one interventins. A collaborative effort by teachers and specialists will design the most appropriate individualized plan for Jasmine. To aid in her progress, Jasmine may be placed in alternative setting and may be given technological assitance, if appropriate. Jasmine's
skills, both orally and written, are representative of her grade level based on a closed passage assessment and classroom work samples taken in December-January, 2009. Jasmine seems to be able to perform at the 4th grade level in
when she is given explicit instruction and allowed the use of a calculator. To aid in
comprehension, Jasmine uses a screen reader, helping her to answer questions proficiently. However, she still struggles to thinking deeper and make inferences. It is recommended that Jasmine remain in Tier 3 of the RTI process. It is possible that Jasmine currently be classified as a special education student. Parents should remain informed of Jasmine's progress.
RTI Model: Jasmine Keller
Lucas Lange

University of Phoenix

MTE/562: Assessment and Evaluation

April 28, 2014
At the Tier 2 level, Jasmine is classified as being at-risk for failure. At this level, she will experience increased progress monitoring and small group interventions. Small group interventions should take place 3-4 times per week and be led by specialists who will attempt to help Jasmine raise her performance levels in the various areas that she is currently struggling. Specifically, Jasmine will meet with a reading specialist and a mathematics specialist in small group environments at the same times that her class normally works on these subject areas. Jasmine will receive more explicit instructions in class. In October, 2009, Jasmine scored an 85% on a
summative assessment, which seemed to be positive progress. However, in November-December, 2009, she scored a 72% and a 65%, respectively, on the next units summative assessments. In December 2009 and January 2010, Jasmine showed strength in
and oral/written
language skills
. However, her
writing skills
were marred by poor
ability (1st or 2nd grade level). Jasmine's inconsistent progress and overall poor response to Tier 2 interventions should require a referral for Tier 3 interventions. A parent/teacher conference should be scheduled to discuss the Tier 3 referral.

Note: Jasmine is not receiving ESOL services at the Tier 2 level of RTI.
Council for Exceptional Children. (October, 2010). CEC’s position on response to intervention (RTI): the unique role of special education and special educators. Retrieved on April 26, 2014, from https://www.cec.sped.org/~/media/Files/Policy/CEC%20Professional%20Policies%20and%20Positions/RTI.pdf.

Job, Jennifer. (n.d.). Response to intervention. Retrieved on April 26, 2014, from http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/6880?ref=search

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