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Shannon Witman

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of WONDER PBL

The Sixth grade ELA curriculum theme is "the power of the individual". Wonder by R.J. Palacio was chosen to fit our theme and topic of accepting others with disabilities. This book replaced The Miracle Worker.

Wonder is the story of a boy with facial deformities. He takes on the challenge of going to a mainstream school after being home schooled. He has a genetic disorder. Sixth graders study genetics in science, so there is a natural fit.
Demonstrate Understanding by...
The final product is a podcast presentation.
In groups, students research a genetic disorder and create an informational presentation. It is essentially a podcast, with the students voices reading the information. They were also asked to use music class skills to create intro and ending music.
A Genetic Disorder Research Project
Wonder: Project Based Learning
Overall Objective
To learn the implications of genetic mutations
To understand the limitations of specific syndromes
To gain strategies for behavior in situations involving those who are different
To have empathy and tolerance
Recognize that you have a choice to be kind, and genetic disorders are not chosen
How The Project Relates to their Lives....
The theme of Wonder is kindness and acceptance. This relates to our anti-bullying campaign. As students read literature about situations of bullying, they learn empathy. Learning about others with genetic disorders creates understanding
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