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Singapore Prezi

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Tajsah Armstrong

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Singapore Prezi

Singapore is an island country located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula in Asia.
Singapore is diamond shaped and is more than 3.5 times the size of Washington, D.C.
The highest point of Singapore is Bukit Timah, it is 538 ft tall and is made of granite.
Singapore has no natural lakes but reservoirs have been constructed to store fresh water.
Main cities in singapore include Queens Town, Bishan, Seletar and Geylang.
Location & Geography
Preparing for travel
Documents needed to travel to Singapore is a valid travel document, and onward or return ticket, passport, proof that you have sufficient funds and a Visa.
Travelers need routine vaccines as well as hepatitis A and B, typhoid, japanese encephalitis, influenza and measles shots in order to visit Singapore.
Recent travel health notices include; Measles and the Dengue Fever
Climate & Clothing
Singapore lies only 1 degree north of the equator so it has a "Tropical Rain Forest" climate.
The temperature varies because the country is surrounded by water and lies within 50 feet of sea level.
Singapore is very hot and humid, the average day time temperatures are around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. April is the hottest month with an average humidity level of 84% and on rainy days it is at 100%.
Although there are no restrictions on how you dress citizens suggest that you dress comfortably and always carry a bottle of water.
There are 4 official languages spoken in Singapore; English, Tamil, Standard Mandarin and Malay.
Malay is the most spoken out of the 4.
Hi = Hi
Good bye = Selamat Jalan
Good morning = Selamat Pagi
Good night = Selamat Malam
Customs & Cultures
Remove shoes when entering someones home
Address people by their title (Mr, Ms, Mrs)
Chew, import, or sell gum.
Eat and/or drink on the bus.
Tip after dining out.
Display public affection.
Litter, smoke in public, and jaywalk.
Shake hands with a Malaysian
The currency for Singapore is the "Singaporean Dollar" (SGD)
1 SGD is equal to .80 US cents.
The exchange rate rose since 2010 and has remained pretty stable since then.
Things to do
There are many things to do in Singapore.
Sentosa- "Asia's Favourite Playground" is home to an exciting array of themed attractions, spa retreats, rainforest, beaches, golf courses, and many more
Singapore Zoo
Singapore flyer- a giant Ferris wheel with 28 air capsules, each to accommodate 28 passengers. this is the second tallest Ferris wheel.
Botanic Gardens
Universal Studios
Wild Wild Wet
Current Events
Edwin Thumboo
Born on November 22, 1933, Edwin Thumboo is a Singaporean poet who is said to be one of the pioneers of English literature. He graduated from the university of Malaya in 1956. His father was an school teacher, and his mother was an homemaker. After working with the civil service he served as an assistant lecturer at the National University of Singapore in 1966.

This is an excerpt from the poem "East Wind"
"The evening of life
East wind
dreams and whispers of youth.
Before me blossoms are fallen.
Peach fruits hide among the leaves.
Late is the season"
works cited
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