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OT Process

No description

katie whilde

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of OT Process

The model is based on the occupational performance and engagement of an individual.

It recognizes the dynamic interdependent relationship between the person, their occupations and their environment.

Humanistic and developmental theory.
(Turpin et al 2011)
Meet Elsie

Foley, G (2004). Quality of life for people with motor neurone disease. Considerations for occupational therapists. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 67, (12) 551-553.

Turpin, M. Iwama, M (2011). Using Occupational Therapy Models In Practice: A Field Guide. Edinburugh: Churchill Livingstone.
OT Process
Case Presentation
Motor Neurone Disease

Is described as a progressive and fatal neurodengerative disorder of unknown aetiology.
It is chracterized by loss of limb, bulbar and respiratory muscle function due to the selective degeneration of upper and lower neurones in CNS (Foley, 2004).

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