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Presentation of english tea work

Nuria Vidal Vives

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of ENGLISH TEA

After much research we have found the perfect product to learn English.
It's a mixture of different kinds of tea and other plants. HOW IS IT GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE? ANY OTHER DETAILS? You have three differents kind of pills for improve your differents skills. There are pills for improve specially your problems about: LEARNING WITH TEA It's going to change the traditional way to study English.
This invention will reduce a lot of time we spend studying. What will it do? Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so cells and neurons will be stronger and faster and in consequence our brains will work better. What does it look like? You can find it in two formats it sold in pills or yo can also find infusions. You can choose the most comfortable for you. What problems is it going to solve? It will solve all our English language problems.
If you find difficult to pass your English exams, you must try it.
You will spend less time learning English.
You will never and ever forget the lessons that you are studying while you are taking the pills. Is it to be a luxury product or a popular one? This product will be very popular among young people.
you can find this product in chemist and supermarkets. SPEECH This drug is made of white dragon spheres.
You must take as it says in the leaflet
¡WARNING! Don't take more than one cup a day,
there have been cases of English Humor! VOCABULARY It's made from a mixture of red tea and white tea.
You must take one pill half an hour before study.
¡CAUTION! If you take more than 2 pills a day,
you will confuse the meanings of the words. GRAMMAR: This pills are made of green tea and eucalyptus. You
have to take one every day before supper.
¡ WARNING! do not exeed the recomended dose or you
forget the use of verbal tenses
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