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Securing the Republic 1790-1815

No description

Adam Morrison

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Securing the Republic 1790-1815

Competing Visions of America Federalists Anti-Federalists Republicans President George Washington Vice President John Adams Secretary of War Benjamin Lincoln Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton First Bank of the United States Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin Attorney General Edmund Randolph Speaker of the House Frederick Muhlenberg Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay Establishing National Sovereignty The Frontier Whiskey Rebellion New States Native Americans Conflict with England Downfall of the Federalists Election of 1796 War with Revolutionary France Repression and Protest XYZ Affair Quasi War Alien and Sedition Acts Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions "Revolution of 1800" Securing the Republic Jefferson in Power Limited Government Conflict with the Courts Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Expansion and War Napoleonic Wars The Embargo The "Indian Problem" and the British Tecumseh and the Prophet Florida War Fever War of 1812 Battles with tribes Battles with the British The Revolt of New England The Peace Settlement
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