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Social Media for AAHC Museums

2013 AAHC Convening by Giuliana Bullard and Melissa Heintz

Giuliana Bullard

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media for AAHC Museums

Social Media for AAHC Museums What is Social Media and Why Use It? Who is Using Social Media? Marketing with Social Media Arts Organizations
Are On Board How Does IMLS Use Social Media? What We've Learned How IMLS Can Help You What is Social Media? One Part of Communications Strategy Social Media=
accountability + transparency IMLS Messaging From the IMLS Strategic Plan Main Social Media Platforms Twitter
Blogs Twitter Started in 2011. Now have 5,148 Followers What does IMLS tweet about?
What does IMLS retweet?
Who do we follow? Facebook Launched in 2013. Currently has 3,160 fans UpNext: The IMLS Blog Launched Aug 2011, average 3,000 visitors per month. Content People Love Go Viral Create Policies and
Assign Responsibility Keep it Current What is Social Media and Why Use It? How Does IMLS Use Social Media? What We've Learned How IMLS Can Help You How can your museum make the most of IMLS communications? Office of Communications and Government Affairs Public Affairs Officer, Giuliana Bullard, gbullard@imls.gov New Media Specialist, Melissa Heintz, mheintz@imls.gov Contribute a blog
Provide a grant update, news about a special event or award, link to news coverage for us to tweet
Send a photo and caption (with photo release form) for our Facebook page Make a Social Media Plan Be Creative with Content Makes us happy or laugh
Teaches how to do something very specific
Reveals behind the scenes "secrets"
Tells stories
In depth content on subjects of interest
Challenges assumptions
infographics, visualizations of data and facts Dana Allen-Greil Use Multimedia Photos
Hyperlinks Twitter:
140 characters, hash tags, handles Facebook:
Graphic elements, status updates, polls. Blog posts
Short (300-500 words), photos, catchy
titles and subheads, conversational tone Media - instruments of communication Social Media - instruments of communication with interaction. Be Interactive Engage with your audience if you want them to engage with you. http://www.fuelonline.co/ Create traffic and build awareness to your museum and programs. http://www.scoremonroe.org/ http://www.kesq.com/ Learner at the center
Strong community anchors
Collection stewardship Government should be:
Collaborative http://socialmediamarketinggirl.com/ http://newzbrain.com/ Social Media is about what's happening right now. http://sivers.org/interactive-website Resources Howto.gov - http://www.howto.gov/
IMLS Web 2.0 - http://www.imls.gov/news/web_20.aspx
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