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Copy of APWH Survival Guide

No description

Brian Roberts

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of APWH Survival Guide

AP World History This is a guide to survive.
We promise it's possible. There's a whole world of information waiting for you if only you are willing to find it What to expect: more work than you ever thought you could deal with work that will seem meaningless; you'll wonder when in your life you will ever need to know such redundant information You can't afford to take anything for granted You may complain or wonder if you're even learning anything in this class.
FYI: it's an AP course, you are expected to learn the material yourself. No pressure. You will want to procrastinate.
You will discover it's a bad idea. Depending on your personality, you may cry. Try not to, you will be stressed, but understand this is only the beginning. a lot out of yourself HIGH EXPECTATIONS Groups Cooperative groups are for completing the weekly tasks. You are in a group, so you can divide up the key terms evenly for completion. Do your best when you finish your part of the key terms.
YOU don't want to be the slacker, do you? Reading the textbook You may not have the time, energy, or interest to read the whole chapter. Actually, that's practically guranteed. try to make time to read, but if you can't, at least skim when you skim make sure to look out for bold terms, dates, and maps (the timeline, chapter summary, and featured maps) ORGAN ZATION Keep your binder organized along the way.
Don't just throw things together the afternoon before your Stamp Sheet is due (yes, you have to turn it in for a grade) Keep up with a calendar! Have things done when they're scheduled to be done so you don't end up with a pile of work to do the night before it is due. You will need LOTS and LOTS of PAPER and INK. Keep yourself stocked up at all times, and try to print on the backside if you can, just to save paper (and the earth!) Preparing for the Exam STUDY GUIDE Review vocabulary terms. They are usually the trickiest on the multiple choice exam. They'll also make you sound smarter on your essays. OTHER HELPFUL HINTS Don't stress! You can get an A in the course and a 5 on the exam as long as you keep up with work, do well on unit tests and review, review, REVIEW! Be careful on the internet! The book knows what you need to know for the exam, the internet doesn't! Buy a study guide at the beginning of the year.
Review it ALONG with the lessons and DO NOT use it in place of the textbook. Set deadlines, like the day before to have the key terms sent out to your group via email or facebook. Nothing is worse than getting a set of key terms at six in the morning as you're leaving the house to go to APWH. It's impossible to know everything, but be sure to know as much as you can, and know it well. The schedule is subject to change. Be sure to listen about calendar adjustments. Don't rely on other people to tell you every little detail. Practice writing essays/outlines without studying beforehand, then check to see how you would've done. Good Luck!~ BOOK USED IN CLASS
0-07004923-8 SCHOOL ISSUED BOOK if you want to do well on weekly reading quizzes, tests, essays, and the AP exam, you should read through every chapter Use tabs. You'll want a tab for Stamp Sheet assignments, notes, essay help/practice, and misc. AP World History is a very demanding class. If a student wants to perform well in the class they must be , and .
If students keep up with their assignments, actually works on them in a timely manner and does something for my class every night, then they will be successful.
If a student is only 2 of the 3 things, then they will not be as successful.
If they are 1 or none of those things, then they will struggle. On the computer, it would be a good idea to separate assignments by unit or time period. This will make it easier to find stuff for the notebook or study for the exam Practice multiple choice tests to learn the tricks that are likely to fool you on the exam (and during the year) Know the difference between different regions. Know where things are on the map, or you'll look like a fool when you get an essay question on women in southeast asia and you write one about women in India or China. organized motivated disciplined MOTIVATED DISCIPLINED Memory for APWH Homework Email:



prezi.com/user/broberts When you are absent, check the blog for what you missed. Handouts, notes, and assignments are all posted on the blog for you to access them whenever you need to. lamarapwh.blogspot.com ORGANIZED If you're not a very organized person, I hope you enjoy taking care of your paper beast
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