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문 다은

on 21 May 2014

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What are floods?
A flood is an overflow of water in a
river, lake, or ocean, and they are
very serious natural disasters. They
are usually very costly to governments.
How do floods happen?
Floods happen when you have heavy snowstorms followed by a quick spring thawing or heavy rainstorms by a lake or by a river or even by an ocean. It can also be caused by heavy rains that go on non-stop for days.

Yes, typhoons/hurricanes/cyclones/tropical storms do create floods. Yes, earthquakes do sometimes create tsunamis. Yes, this is a weak point that you will you use to prove me wrong. BUT........... the floods that hurricanes produce are not necessarily big, and without the earthquake, the tsunami wouldn't be there. I hear a lot of you say that it is the seed that matters, so, assuming it matters, why do you try to prove the flood people wrong by saying that earthquakes are better than floods because earthquakes sometimes create tsunamis? You say that the seed matters, and that it doesn't matter about what they produce. So you are basically saying that tsunamis and hurricane floods don't matter.
When do floods usually happen?
Floods can happen anytime in the year, although they don't usually happen in the summer. Floods usually happen during the monsoon season, when there is a lot of rain.
Where do floods happen?
Floods can happen anywhere in the world where there is a river, lake or ocean. The only exception to this are flash floods, which are floods that happen because of a sudden lasting downpour of rain. Flash floods can happen almost anywhere in the world, even in places that have no nearby water (not counting deserts and oceans).
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