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A Writer's Dream

No description

Britton Dean

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of A Writer's Dream

By Britton E. Dean
A Writer's Dream
-A writer is one whom uses written words in a unique way to Convey an idea.

-Anyone can be a writer; however, the process is harder to keep up with than most would suspect.

-A writer's dream keeps them going, and someday, I hope to be apart of this dream.
-The book buisness is not veryn profitable, thus "for every highly paid novelist, there are hundreds of struggling ones."

-A writer has very little time for them selfs.

-Writers are under a lot of stress to get the work done on time.

-To be a succesful writer, you must be willing to spend some moiney for proper research into your genre.
I will aspire to create a book that someone would tresure,
for my ideals to be heard by others,

to give readers emotion through my stories,

and to perhaps create a brief moment of solice for those who need it.
Writing is a difficult job that takes a lot and gives very little. I hope through my writing, I will be able to create a book that makes the readers full of emotion and treasure the story.

That is a writer's dream, my dream.
-For a writer with passion, there is no large of a cost that could keep them from their writer's dream.
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