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Competitor Analysis on Premier Inn, Travelodge & Holiday Inn

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Amina Hatim

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Competitor Analysis on Premier Inn, Travelodge & Holiday Inn


Gain an understanding of the nature of the budget hotel market.

The competitive strategies used by the organsations.

Present findings of SWOT & PESTLE Analysis.
Business Strategy
Competitor Analysis on

Premier Inn, Travelodge &

Holiday Inn

Presented By: Amina Hatim
SWOT Analysis
A Strong brand recognition.

75% of the UK population live within five miles of a Premier Inn, (Endpoint,2013).

Constant exploitation of investment opportunities within the UK.

Business Account Scheme which delivers efficient online services.
Consumers may associate Premier Inn to be a budget hotel that offers rooms at the price of £29.

Lack of additional business support facilities within the rooms or hotels.

Lack of brand affinity built with leisure travelers.
Holiday Inn have a strong loyalty program that extends to all brands, (IHG, 2013).

Holiday Inn are introducing a new concept for guests in-hotel experience known has the 'hub of activity', (Continuum , 2013).

Travelodge could be considered more of a budget hotel chain because their prices reflect this.
Develop and create a differentiated loyalty programme.

Encourage business travelers to stay as leisure travelers.

Lack of additional facilities that cater for business travelers.
Conclusions of PESTLE Analysis
Cost Leadership
Cost Focus
Differentiation Focus
(Porter, 1985)
Lower Cost
Competitive Advantage
Reference List
Sustainability is increasingly seen as a prominent factor in hospitality decision making but is not fully embedded in business thinking.
The way of communication is changing to web based techniques , through increased used of social media.
Increased interest rates have led the hospitality industry to adapt quickly and effectively to the sensitivity of prices within the market.

The recent economic recovery in the UK has been fundamental in job creation.
Rapid technological developments are embedded in the consumer travel experience.
To stand out in a price-driven market Premier Inn are able to compete beyond price and location.

Understanding internal and external factors will determine how successful an organsation.

Fundamental to understand what a particular brand stands for.

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Competitive Advantage
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Reference List
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