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Auto Trader

No description

Jordan Harper

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Auto Trader

Auto Trader
today i am here to talk about auto trader, a wonderful app in which you can use to buy or sell cars. recently my family has been on auto trader and had a few suggestions for the app.
1. Constanly Crashes
2. Default Sort?
3. Reset Key Word
4. Done
Not only does auto trader constantly crash but it takes a long time to load. This doesn't just happen to my household, it crashes for most owners of this app.
Most people when looking at cars like to search from lowest price to highest. Me, personally don't understand why default sort is even a setting! i am just suggesting that when you search, the order of the auto mobile is lowest to highest price. Default sort could still be a sort in the menu but not to start as.
Default sort
For example: you went into make and scrolled down to jeep, then you went into model and scrolled down to wrangler. Next you scrolled down search and as a key word you put lift, then search. A bunch of jeeps with lifts show up, nothings wrong about that but here's the catch. Now lets say you wanted to look at Lamborghini's so you went to make and went to 'L' and pressed Lamborghini. Only one car showed up. Why? you ask. The key word is still lift, even though the model (Wrangler) Changed the key word did not.
when completed choosing the make of the car, i tend to have a habit of just clicking of the screen or clicking on what i have chosen. I know it sounds weird but its true, most people aren't use to clicking done every time. so, as a suggestion, i strongly encourge you make a change.
Therefor in conclusion as a final thought i would like to leave you with this, although auto trader is an amazing app there can still be tweaks and adjusting to make this app even better.
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