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Grade 3 Living and Working in Ontario

No description

J Maniccia

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Grade 3 Living and Working in Ontario

Grade 3 Living and Working in Ontario
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
B1. Application: demonstrate an understanding of some key aspects of the interrelationship between the natural environment, land use, employment opportunities, and the development of municipal regions in Ontario
B1.1 describe some major connections between features of the natural environment of a region and the type of land use and/or the type of community that is established in that region (e.g., ports on lakes or major rivers; farming on flat land with fertile soil; resource towns in areas with ore, trees, or other natural resources)
B1.2 describe some major connections between features of the natural environment and the type of employment that is available in a region, with reference to two or more municipal regions in Ontario
The Hook
- on the chart paper provided jot down descriptive words that come to mind involving/describing the region

Rural ~ Farming ~ Fishing ~ Forestry ~ Suburban ~ Large

Where is your community located?
I can identify communities within in Ontario
I can connect occupations to the natural environment/land use.
I can understand why a community is built where it is (in reference to its features)
I can describe what types of jobs are dominant in communities in Ontario
I can predict what will happen to the communities (stable vs. unstable)
I can describe the different resources in Ontario and where they are located in Ontario communities.
I can differentiate between different regions in Ontario.

I can...
All About Canadian Communities
After reading the book with a group, students will be able to answer:

- Examples of their type of community
- Why this community is important to Ontario?
- Why is the community located where it is?
- Is this a stable or unstable community and why?
- Does the community have a large or small population? How does this
affect the community? Do you think in the future this community
population will increase or decrease? Why?
- Why do you think people should live here? Why do you think people
should not live here?
- What have you learned about this community?
- Ontario regions worksheet:
give less questions or
lower expectations for
answered questions;
choose to draw answer;
form of matching; oral
- Terminology list: can give
handout of definitions to
students with words and/
or pictures
- Option of choosing the
group or students choose
the group

Accomodations or Modifications
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