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"The 5th Wave" Scrapbook

A scrapbook dedicated to Rick Yancey's "The 5th Wave," a 2013 bestseller that puts dystopia directly in our hands.

Amy W.

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of "The 5th Wave" Scrapbook

Tracking Device
"And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive."
While describing the first four waves, Cassie says the above quote. Cassie, a survivor of all four waves, directly categorizes herself as one of the unlucky. Therefore, I chose a number typically known to be unlucky, 13, to represent Cassie.
It's something that Cassie always remembers to go back for: Bear. Before Sammy and Cassie part, Sammy hands his older sister this bear. Sammy gives this to Cassie as a sign of bravery. I chose this bear because it not only symbolizes Cassie's and Sammy's fortitude and persistence, but because it also virtually becomes the only thing that Cassie can truly trust.
"You want to compare yourself to an insect, Cassie? If you're an insect, the you're a mayfly." (pg. 178)
According to Evan, if Cassie were to be some kind of insect, she'd be a mayfly. After that, a mayfly becomes their 'inside joke.' Therefore, I chose this mayfly to literally represent Cassie.
As discovered by Squad 53, this tracking device was used by the people at Camp Haven to track and even kill its people. I believe that this tiny little device adds a lot to the plot- without it, many events would not have occurred. For example, without the tracking device, Dr. Pam and Flintstone would not have been killed.
'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons
Cassie's signature weapon: the M16. This weapon gave Cassie a constant feeling of security and protection. She always kept this weapon near her, even at night, because it was her most faithful shield.
"That's my name. Cassie. Not Cassie for Cassandra. Or Cassie for Cassidy. Cassie for Cassiopeia, the constellation." (pg. 3)
"And if this is humanity's last war, then I am the battlefield." (pg. 101)
Throughout the story, a concept heavily focused on is
. Trust, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful things in life. However, in "The 5th Wave", trust becomes one of the most dangerous things. Many of the characters, like Cassie, face situations in which it becomes difficult to trust anyone. Trust, in this novel, is also an important theme.
From the very beginning of the book, Cassie makes the background of her name very clear. Her name, as the above quote proves, is very unique. "Cassie" stands for Cassiopeia, which is the name of the constellation and a queen in the northern sky who excelled. I chose Cassiopeia to represent Cassie and her daring personality.
"This is it, the apocalypse."

"I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones."

"I'm radioactive."

This song, as the title implies, has a very extraterrestrial and meaningful feel to it. Similarly, "The 5th Wave" has the same sort of vibe. Through Cassie's and Zombie's point of views, the reader was able to experience interaction with the Others and several scenes of intense fighting. I felt like the melody and lyrics of this song truly represent the mood of the book.
I believe that this quote, said by Cassie, is one of the themes portrayed in the book: fight for your kind no matter what. Cassie nearly loses her entire family, and despite her losses, she endures. She becomes worn-out and at the same time gains strength. Therefore, I see a distinct resemblance between Cassie and a battlefield.
"I am a shark, Cassie... A shark who dreamed he was a man."
(pg. 357)
This quote regarding a shark truly characterizes Evan Walker because in the story, he is an Other who does not have the intention to be one. With the identity of an Other in the form of a human, Evan is automatically feared by many when in reality he is a very heartfelt person; similarly, many people are scared of sharks regardless of whether the shark is harmful or not. Therefore, I chose a shark to represent Evan Walker.
It's one of the most fascinating things in nature. It can't be felt, tasted, seen or smelled- it can only be heard. In other words, it can only be acknowledged by one out of the five senses. Because of this, I believe that the concept of silence represents this novel very well: some things can barely be hardly be sensed.
Another reason why I chose silence to represent this book is because of the Silencers. The alien Silencers were the motors of the 4th Wave. They're quiet and sinister; seemingly effortless murderers. Therefore, silence perfectly matches an important part of the book (the silencers.)
Iron Rods
I chose iron rods because I think that they thoroughly represent all the characters introduced in the book, especially Cassie. Iron rods are strong, yet malleable. All the characters within the book are strong and flexible- mentally and physically. Therefore, iron rods mirror the characters very well.
5th Wave
by: Rick Yancey
Amy Wang
The 3rd wave killed 97% of those remaining, including Cassie's mother, through a plague transmitted by birds. Thus, I chose birds to represent a large portion of the storyline. The birds and the disease they carried combine to be a large turning point within the exposition of the book.
Last but not least, I chose the characters in the book to represent the plot of this novel. When Cassie realized that Sammy was the 5th Wave, she was taken aback. Just so, she did not realize that she too was a part of the 5th Wave. Evan Walker was a part of the 5th Wave. Zombie was a part of the 5th Wave. Therefore, I believe that the characters are the plot; they created the setting; and they became the conflicts of their lives.
"Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity."
Sissy's Silver Chain
Something that Zombie holds precious to him: his sister's silver chain. Before he knew it, Zombie helplessly witnessed intruders snatch away his younger sister. His initial plan was to protect his younger sister, and he tried his best. As his younger sister was being pulled away, he reached for her. However, he was only able to grab the locket/silver chain around her neck. From that point on, the chain truly meant a lot to him. It was the only thing left of his deceased baby sister. Further into the book, Zombie fastens this chain around Sammy's neck as a meaningful sign of promise. Therefore, I chose this silver chain to represent Zombie's sincere perseverance.
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