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Weight Watchers Marketing Plan

No description

Adrielle Henry

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Weight Watchers Marketing Plan

Weight Watchers Marketing Plan
Weight Watchers
Internal Strengths
External Opportunities
Goals and Objectives
Strategic Direction
Marketing Mix - Promotions and Services
Founded in 1961 by Jean Nidetch
1978 sold to H.J. Heinz Company
More than 1 million members
29,000 meetings in 27 countries
Significant market position
Revenue generation from multiple sources
Consumers identified with social elements
Flexibility of products and services
Win-Win marketing Strategy
People want to feel change in their mind and body
Consumers want to see change and still get results
Growing obese population
Increasing awareness towards weight management
Progressive view for Technology
The trend of free mobile apps
Business Market Opportunity
After reviewing SWOT
Mobile apps would be beneficial
Targeting a male market is a new opportunity
Apps and male market will help company differentiate themselves
Weight Watchers has been in business for over 50 years
Well known in weight loss community
Positions themselves as a brand people can trust
Able to stay in business for a long period in time
Increase awareness in the male segment
Implementation of mobile app
Social responsibility
Increase sales and revenue through the loyalty program
Mobile App
Blog - Charles Barkley
Banner Advertisements
Television Commercial
Gym Affiliation
MKTG 4130
Group 3

Marketing Mix - Pricing and Distribution
Charles Barkley - 2% increase to his $1.98 million dollar contract
Gyms offering 5-10% decrease on membership
Television Commercial - estimated $100,000
Men receive the first month free when signing up
Marketing Mix - Timeline
Marketing Mix - Evaluation
Individual gyms keeping track of how many members take advantage of the discount
Monitor click-through rate of banner advertisements
Monitor how many people download the app and use it regularly
Target Market
Expanding target market to not only women, but men as well
Charles Barkley
“Weight Watchers has a plan that really works for men. Just look at me – and I feel even better than I look.”
Barkley is a great way to show the program is for men as well
Psychographic segmentation
Divide consumers according to lifestyles, personality, values, social class
Targeted towards people who have a busy lifestyle, and want to lose weight conveniently and effectively
External Threats
Increased competition from existing and new players
Uncertain financial conditions
Surgical Process
Internal Weaknesses
Consumers want to pay for results
Potentially unstable business decisions
Social trends of bad public relations
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