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Properties of Water

No description

Cassidy Hubbard

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Properties of Water

The Properties of Water Water is thought to be the "universal solvent" because its bipolar molecule enables it to dissolve a large range of substances.
Solubility is affected by polarity.
Polar substances dissolve polar substances.
Non-polar substances dissolve non-polar substances. Non-polar and polar substances do not mix. Polarity is when electrons are shared evenly in a covalent bond.
Water molecules are polar.
Water molecules, as a whole, are neutral, but one end usually has a positive charge and one end has a negative charge.
The oxygen typically has a small negative charge, while the hydrogen end has a small positive charge.
The attraction to each other allows the molecules to stick together. Cohesion of water causes surface tension, water's "invisible skin", allows water striders(or crazy lizards) to walk across the water.
The "invisible skin" gives water its "stickiness". This allows it to mushroom over the penny's edge without spilling over, to a certain extent.
Adhesion keeps the drops together.
This is called Capillary Action Polarity
Surface Tension
Capillary Action
Chemical Properties
Human Body-Water relationship Boiling Point-- 212 Degrees Fahrenheit(at sea level)
Freezing Point-- 32 Degrees Fahrenheit(at sea level)
The only natural substance found in all three physical states.
Chemical Formula-- H2O=2H+O
Specific Heat--1 calorie/gram °C = 4.186 joule/gram °C(higher than other substances) 75% of muscle tissue is made up of water
20% of fat tissue is composed of water
83% of blood is composed of water
22% of a bone is water
80-90% of the heart is water
80-90% of the lungs is water
75% of the brain is composed of water
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