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Science Project weather technology

No description

Kevin Keating

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Project weather technology

The Doppler radar is a great example of radar technology. During the 1980s the national weather service installed Doppler radars all around the USA. In addition some television stations have their own radars. All weather radars send out radio waves from an antenna. Even the tiniest raindrop can reflect some radio waves that the radar can detect. Waves reflected by something moving away from the radar have a lower frequency then moving towards the radar, thus detecting weather. The Doppler Radar Global warming And what they can do... Satellites Weather Planes Global Warming and Weather Technology Satellites are very common weather tools. Some of the fastest ones can orbit Earth in 90 minutes; that's about 277 miles per hour! Weather satellites perform many tasks, like tracking clouds, city lights, ice, energy, and ocean currents, mapping land, and many others. Weather Balloons The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employs the use of 2 Lockheed P-2 Orion planes to track weather, through the use of radar and the close attention of many on-board scientists. Both planes are named after Muppets (Kermit and Miss Piggy). Global warming is the heating of the
earth, which makes the ice caps melt. The melting of these ice caps causes the sea levels to rise. Kermit Aicraft Global Warming Continued By Philip Global warming, also known as global climate change, is caused by humans. Almost anything can pollute the air. Cars and smokestacks pollute the air. All of these emitt greenhouse gases. By Philip Weather balloons are launched around the world and are by weather forcasters the balloon itself produces the lift.It is made out of latex a very flexable material the transmitting of data is done through a radiosonde a radiosonde is and instrument carryed up by and ballon to send back info on atmosphiric temperature, air pressure and humidity. the derthe anntena on the balloon is to infer wind speed and wind direction. By Philip
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