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Are you Flippin' Kiddin' Me?

No description

Trier Schneider

on 25 September 2016

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Transcript of Are you Flippin' Kiddin' Me?

How have we flipped our classroom?
Are you Flippin' Kiddin' Me?
How have we flipped our classroom?
One of Our Inspirations...
Trier Schneider & Jennifer Ratchel

Who Are We?
* Teachers who are passionate about making
school meaningful for ALL students.
* Our class contains 32 students with a
GINORMOUS range of abilities. Nine of our
kiddos have current IEPs (speech only, Deaf
and Hard of Hearing, Autistic, Learning
Disabled, and a few with combinations of
the above). We also have several "gifted and
talented students".
* We can proudly say that the needs of EVERY
child have been met this year.

What do we do that makes us so AWESOME?!?!
~ We're funny!
~ We make mistakes in front of the kids.
~ We own our mistakes.
~ We have HIGH energy.
~ We have phenomenal classroom management.
~ We're a tad egocentric. :)
~ We BELIEVE in our students - ALL of them.
~ We NEVER stop learning.
~ We DO NOT give in to negativity.

How have we flipped our classroom?
Full Body
Hand & Interpreting
Khan Academy - AMAZING!!
How have we flipped our classroom?
How have we flipped our classroom?
How have we flipped our classroom?
LearnZillion.com With interpreting
Our Most Important Inspirations....
Another of Our Inspirations....
How have we flipped our classroom?
Dot Day
Do The Math
Contest Winners
Resources for Students
Math Spooktacular Winners
Our FABULOUS Students...
What do we do with all that time we have that is not spent teaching in front of the class?
"What do the students like about flippin?"
How have we flipped our classroom?
We set and make
SMART goals!!
Creating Our Own Lessons
**Made with Camstasia
Made with Camstasia ~ Step-by-Step directions for flipping with Camstasia can be found on our website.
What is the Goal of this Session?
We want to share our passion for students and teaching with you and to inspire you.

Our goal is that you walk away with a concept/technique on how to reach the needs of ALL your students (regardless of their individual ability level) that you can implement on Monday,

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