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The Gangsters

Learn 100 proficiency words in one sitting.

George Salis

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Gangsters

I heard it through the grapevine that the two thieves had got away with the loot, but, by and by, the police managed to track them down, thanks to their vigorous investigations.The thieves had been planning to put the loot up for auction. The police were tipped off that the loot was being kept in a warehouse, so they decided to search it.While they were rummaging through the boxes, they heard a strange ticking sound. As soon as they realised that there was a bomb, they had to call in the auxillaries to detonate it. Further investigation revealed that this was no simple robbery, but, in fact, it was an intricate operation cooked up by the largest mafia ring in the country.After stumbling upon the drug ring, they realised that it already spanned Asia and was spreading to Europe. The police were stumped and realised that they were just nibbling at the surface of an intricately masterminded international plot. Some of the ring leaders had been arrested in the past, but their clever lawyers had managed to concoct some mitigating circumstances to get them off the hook.Approximately a month later, the police, having kept a close eye on the suspects, observed one of the ring leaders mingling with some notorious drug leaders, and captured the meeting with their surveillance cameras. The chief of police assumed that this was a big catch and he stated that all members of their organisation would soon be doomed to a lifetime behind bars.Following a brief interlude, the criminals went their separate ways, something the chief hadn’t predicted. The chief was infuriated at the missed opportunity to nab them and felt swindled. However, he was prudent enough to follow the main ring leader, Mac, who ended up in a notorious joint which had been boycotted by all but the dregs of society After having indulged in gulping down the dregs of a beer barrel, Mac got drunk and started intimidating everyone in the bar. After a particular incident where he threw someone over the bar, two of his cronies entered the joint, managed to calm their boss down and told him that acting like this would ruin the whole scheme. The boss shrugged his shoulders. Then they informed him of the upcoming convention of mastermind criminals that they were expected to attend. When they gathered at the convention, The Godfather was informed of the episode in the bar. As an example to the others, the vain Godfather killed the boss in cold blood with no misgivings. He then proceeded to deliver the abstract of his intricate criminal plan to the assembly of crooks.
He promised to promote whoever would accomplish the mission. One member of the gang, Mickey, had the guts to speak up despite the fact that the Godfather’s number one stoodge & body guard, Knuckles, wagged his finger threateningly behind his bosses back. The Godfather surprised everyone by simply answering ‘what’s the hitch’? Mickey answered that the plan was confusing. The Godfather handed him the plan and said” Why don’t you skim through it again and tell me what you don’t understand”?Meanwhile the rest of the criminals were so frightened that their legs were shaking. The rest of the gang gazed stupidly at the Godfather, waiting for a reaction. Mickey said that he couldn’t understand how they were going to pillage the gun shop without drawing attention to themselves. The Godfather challenged him to come up with an alternative plan. Mickey suggested kidnapping the owner of the gun shop and then, stacking their weapons around the vicinity of their rival gang, whom they were planning to attack at the next drop-off. The Godfather reluctantly agreed, even though it wasn’t his idea, and allowed Mickey to oversee the operation. In a pious moment, the godfather insisted on saying a prayer before they went off to get their guns. The police chief who was still waiting outside the building, left immediately when he saw two of the gangsters leaving the convention.He went to his office and pinpointed the building where the convention had taken place to his colleagues. He contended that the gangsters were about to have a showdown with the McNulty Brothers. The chief assigned the task of surveilling the area to Detective Keen, whom he deemed to be cut out for the task. Meanwhile, Mickey was getting too big for his boots, scolding the men as they tried to carry out his plan. His altered ego soon had him envisaging the McNulty brothers soiling their pants as they launched their ambush at the drop-off point. Detective Keen found a stuffy shed from which to spy on the criminals. Mickey & his gang marched arrogantly to the drop off point, while Mickey imagined himself soon to be far away in a tropical jungle, surrounded by lush vegetation, and beautiful women, where the only withered object was the grass he was smoking from a big, fat joint.They went to their stations where the guns were stacked around the empty dock yard, and soon some bulky-looking bandits appeared, heading towards the meeting spot A scantily-clad female carrying a suitcase waited in front. Everything seemed so easy. Getting the money would not be such an arduous task. Their drug buyer opened his case, showing the money. Just as they were about to swap cases, Mickey and his gang emerged from the shadows, pointing their guns at the drug dealers. In his delusion of violent grandeur, Mickey threw down his gun in order to fight his arch enemy McNulty man to man. As the madness fired his fists, he beat McNulty to a pulp without incurring so much as a scratch or a bump in the process. A shoot-out followed. Mickey killed everyone except for the girl, who was, in fact a childhood sweetheart from his early street gang days, and she ran to cuddle him.Detective Keen, who had been watching everything from his stuffy spying hole, was, himself, never one to shun a fight.“ Hey, Mickey, lose the bleached bimbo, it’s time to fight”, he roared….Mickey couldn’t put up with such an insulting comment. He kicked Detective Keen in the stomach who crouched down as his muscles contracted in pain. He shot Mickey in the limb and Mickey returned the shot to Keen’s head. Mickey’s gang had managed to eliminate not only their rivalling gangsters, but also the best man on the formidable police drug squad.He bent down to stroke his sweet heart's hair & say that soon they would be in Jamaica, mingling with the rich and famous. The next day he told the Godfather that he had accomplished the mission despite their losses.
"The world's loss is my gain" chortled the Godfather with an evil laugh.....but I sure will miss Detective Keen..
I'll have to meditate on that from my monastery retreat.."

THE END The Gangsters
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