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Pope Elementary Playground Project

No description

Melissa Wynne

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Pope Elementary Playground Project

Pope Elementary
Playground Project

The Goal...
To have the Pope Elementary School playground equal
the expectations of kids and parents in our community.

We soon learned that district approved playground equipment is very pricey.

Our start-up budget was simply not enough.

Our ideal playground, including equipment and installation, will total approximately $90,000.

Developing a plan
The research involved safety guidelines, measurements of components, and equipment options. Another component was finding equipment that coordinates with the existing playground equipment.

Design Sketches
Very nice size
Design Sketches
Geo Dome and Rock Wall
Play Unit
Holds up to 90 kids!!!
A Playground
lives up to the school
Our Dream...
Every project starts with an idea.
Our idea came from the children. We talked with the students and asked them what their favorite things were about a great playground.
We then spoke with building administrators to set the goals for our playground.
After talking with children, teachers, administrators and parents, a design was chosen.
A playground to be proud of.
The children currently have 2 swing-sets and a single slide.

5 tables will allow for an outside classroom day
Frustrated Kids
Kids have 30 minutes to play for recess.
Waiting to slide!

Waiting to swing…

nowhere to sit
To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon
in the placeholder to insert your own image.

“It starts with a playground.”

Playgrounds give kids a chance to move their bodies. The opportunities afforded by a playground extend beyond physical activity.
Kids get more chances to challenge themselves, exercise their imaginations, and interact with other children.
A new study conducted by Deborah Puntenney, Ph.D. at Northwestern University, in conjunction with KaBOOM! and Health Care Service Corporation, confirms our motto:

The first thing you see when you drive past Pope Elementary is the beautiful design.
Second, is the playground, or lack thereof.

"Bridgeland home sales increased 20% due to Pope Elementary!"

Rennell Elementary's Playground
(inside Towne Lake)
Pope ES's playground IS
Bridgeland's playground...
Which playground would YOU choose?

Our Principal did all she could with her $15,000 budget
Pope has 978 kids
with approximately
150 on the playground at one time
Next we met with 3 playground designers for bids.
A playground that provides opportunities to develop the body, mind and imagination of every child in a community that embraces the idea that all children have a right to play and be active.
... because Cy-Fair's policy is to leave the school playgrounds open to the public during non-school hours.
We are asking for your donation to help our playground become a reality. Thank you for your support!
Frustrated Kids
Bridgeland Home Sales Increase 20%
Bridgeland IS Pope
This is not fun!
The kids are told only 20 up & downs then next...
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