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Technology and Recruiting

No description

Holly Davis

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Technology and Recruiting

Electronic/Social Media
Talent Acquisition

94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts
78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media
Social recruiting is not just a way of finding the best cultural fit – there are also significant bottom-line benefits
Recruiters reported a jump in time to hire (33%),
The quality of candidates (49%)
The quantity of candidates (43%)
60% of recruiters estimate the value of social media hires as greater than $20k/year.
20% estimate the value of social media hires as greater than $90k/year.
42% have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile, leading to both positive and negative re-assessments
Social Media's Role in Talent Acquisition

Review Marriott
Personal vs. Professional Use
Push vs. Pull

How to Recruit using Social Media
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
are still the recruiter’s social networks of choice

= 94%
= 65%
= 55%
= 20%
= 18%
= 15%
78% of recruiters have
hired through a
social network
Social Sites
Design beautiful career pages, avoid clutter
Share fresh and interesting content to tick your audience
Listen to candidates and be responsive
Engage your perspective hires through quiz and contest
Give industry insight, post employee experience
Schedule updates and monitor responses
No silver bullet, long-term investment
Develop a Key word rich profile for company
Join groups
Post articles
Search by company name/industry/positions/name of individual
Connect with as many people as possible
See How It is Done
Electronic Recruitment Software
Use a branding approach to attracting and retaining passive and active candidates.
Streamline the Process
Maximize Social Networks
Provide Robust Reporting & Analytics
Manage the On Boarding Process

Traditional vs. Innovative
Recruiting Sources

Electronic Recruiting Sources
Job Boards
Company Websites
Social Media
Recruiting Software
ATS (applicant tracking software)
Online Video Interviews
CareerBuilder - Top Site
CoolWorks - Seasonal
Indeed - Searches all job boards to include Company websites
LinkUp - Uncovers unadvertised jobs from Company websites
Applicant Tracking System
YouTube Recruiting Video
Job Board Sites
Online Video Interviewing
Recruiting Software
Company Career Sites
A little more than half the companies use an ATS.

Source: Human Capital Advisory Group 2014 Talent Acquisition Survey
Capitalize on Employee Referral Programs using social media
Optimizing all Social Media Sites
Automated Job Postings to third-party job sites.
Career sites SEO
Applicant Tracking
Attract and Recruit Talent
Connect with Candidates
Engage the Candidates
Showcase the Brand
Use Social Media Networks and Video's

Tailor onboarding for each new hire
Tracking for completion of tasks
Increase productivity by starting day one
Increased retention
Reports and Analytic
Passive vs. Active Job Seekers
Needs Assessment
What questions would you ask?
What factors would you consider when deciding on which electronic tools to use?
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