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Preventing Death by PowerPoint

No description

Cassandra Hammond

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Preventing Death by PowerPoint

Preventing Death
By PowerPoint
What is Prezi?
Prezi Basics
Classroom Application
21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking
Marzano's 9
Advance & Graphical Organizers
Identifying Similarities & Differences
Summarizing & Notetaking
Nonlinguistic Representations
Cooperative Learning
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation system.
It allows for both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration and communication.
It strengthens 21st Century skills.
It stimulates divergent thinking.
It increases understanding of relationships.
It invigorates basic lessons.
It encourages deeper thinking.
In short?
It is a
Presentation Preview
Menu Basics
Open New Prezi
Save Current Prezi
Undo -- Redo
Menu Basics
Add Frames
Invite others to watch/edit
Save as printable PDF file
Settings - Ratio, Shortcuts, etc
Get Prezi help
Save and close Prezi
Advanced Prezi
Frames are used to group content.
This creates a point on the Prezi path and also functions in a similar way to a slide on PowerPoint.
Add Text
When the canvas is
clicked, the Add Text
menu bar will
automatically pop up.
The menu contains a choice of font to match your current theme as well as options to change the size and color.
Pressing the arrow will bring up more choices.
This extended menu includes bullet points, justification, and indention options.
Themes are a series of predesigned color and font sets for use with any Prezi.
With a single click the entire color and font set can be changed for any existing Prezi.
If the existing theme sets are not enough, the theme wizard will guide users through the process of designing unique themes.
By using the theme wizard, users can customize the color for each element, as well as change the font type and add background images. Prezi now allows for the creation of 3D backgrounds which add layers to the presentation.
Templates are predesigned frame layouts that can be used as a starting point for creating a Prezi.
They contain layouts, background images, and objects which can be altered to fit each unique presentation.
Elements can be moved, added, or deleted from the template once a template has been selected.
Invisible frames are extremely useful and create path points without creating clutter.
Prezi contains predesigned layouts for frames. There are many to choose from.
These can be edited to fit the needs of the presentation.
Images can be used in myriad
ways on Prezi. They can be uploaded from a hard drive, linked by URL, or from Google.
Google images provides a search bar
within the Prezi editor. The entire
Google images library can be pulled
up within the same browser tab.
Images in Prezi can be grouped and layered by using the right-click of the mouse. Images can be annotated using the add text or add shapes options.
Text can be used in many ways to illustrate concepts on Prezi. Text can be layered on top of any image or file that has been uploaded to the Prezi. Text can be made larger or smaller to demonstrate the hierarchy of ideas. Text can also be easily rotated by clicking the edges of the text box to change the course of the Prezi path. Manipulating text on Prezi is simple and does not require that the writer have technical skills. Due to the open nature of the Prezi canvas, text is not limited by page size.
Templates are constantly being added to Prezi.
They can be modified easily and provide great
3D backgrounds provide depth
in a presentation.
Scroll down for
more templates
Frames are an important aspect of Prezi creation. Frames can be used to show the relationships between concepts. Frames can also be used to reveal smaller parts of a larger picture.
Invisible frames are a great way to create annotations on maps, documents, and images. Rather than zooming and moving an image around with a mouse or on an ELMO, invisible frames can be created on an image or document in Prezi to give a guided tour of any image or document.
Images in Prezi are simple to manipulate. The images can be layered by dragging them on top of one another and using the right click of the mouse to send them backwards of forwards. Frames can be added to images as well, as can shapes and highlighting.
Zooming in on the image and clicking will pull up the text bar and text can be easily added to the image. Gone are the days of having to use a separate photo editor to achieve this annotated effect.
Shapes includes shapes of course, but in addition
to basics like circles and rectangles, shapes also allows for the creation of lines, arrows, and symbols.
These shapes can be used independently or layered together with images and text. The pencil and highlighter options are very useful in annotating images, maps, and documents.
The symbols menu will pull up a large
collection of pre-designed symbols to
add to any Prezi. This includes
emoticons, speech bubbles, and buttons.
Importing media into Prezi is simple.
Prezi accepts many types of files uploaded directly from the computer.
These media types include many video formats, as well as PDF files. The PDF option is very useful to teachers and administrators because is allows for nearly any type of document -- from a word file to spread sheet to be uploaded and annotated.
Prezi has great support for embedding
YouTube videos. PowerPoint often has
dead YouTube links, but Prezi streams
directly and has no problem with stuck videos.
Prezi has a solution for that as well. The PowerPoint menu allows for the uploading and conversion of any PowerPoint. Any PowerPoint can be uploaded either entirely or piece by piece. The images, videos, and text from the original PowerPoint will all be uploaded as distinct pieces so that they can be manipulated in the Prezi editor.
Shapes are very useful when combined to create larger graphics and organizers. The template options gives several pre-designed layouts using shapes, but the shapes menu allows for unlimited variations.
In addition to simple shapes, lines and arrows can be added to show movement and progression. The shapes are so versatile they can be used to create virtually any graphic organizer or chart that may be useful in the classroom. The symbols make annotating sections of text simple and add dimension to presentations. The highlight tool can be used to call attention to important aspects of the text, image, or anything else on the presentation.
The wide variety of media files that can be imported into Prezi make the Media menu extremely useful. Although MP3 sound cannot be directly imported into the Prezi at this time, there is a way around this in order to add music to presentations. By either converting the MP3 into a Flash Video file or by simply using a YouTube link for the sound clip, Prezi can run sound off the YouTube link while the presentation is running. By zooming in as far as possible to add the YouTube link, the sound will play without the video file itself being visible.
It is important to remember that Prezi relies on cloud-based storage and as a result it requires a reliable Internet connection to use normally. The YouTube videos that have been embedded will stream from the YouTube site itself, so a slow connection may slow the loading of the Prezi and videos. If Internet connectivity may be a problem, Prezi provides a free packager that will create a Flash file of the entire presentation, including any images or video that may be incorporated. Simply convert the Youtube Video using KeepVid.com and upload. This eliminates the need for an Internet connection.
When uploading an entire PowerPoint, Prezi allows the designer to choose a layout for the slides. The slides are converted to frames in Prezi and either element can be manipulated separately. The Prezi editor will auto-path the PowerPoint so that is can be presented in the same way it was created. The path and elements can also be edited to create a more nonlinear presentation by utilizing Prezi's many creation tools.
Uploading a PowerPoint into Prezi is a quick and simple process. After the uploading is completed, that is when the real work begins. PowerPoint presentations are created in a linear fashion, so that each slide follows the next. In Prezi, the power of the presentation comes from the power of the divergent layout.
Since Prezi does the hard work of separating all of the elements, redesigning the PowerPoint becomes a matter of deciding the most effective layout and path for the concepts being illustrated. This rearrangement can make basic PowerPoints more memorable and solidify the relationships between the concepts being presented.
Prezis can be viewed as a giant map, where viewers can browse through the presentation in any order they choose. It is much more common however, to lead the viewer through the presentation using a path. Editing paths is a simple task, and it allows the story to be told. Once the canvas or map has been completed, pathing is a simple task. By clicking on the Edit Path button on the left side of the canvas, the Prezi is open for pathing. The editor simply clicks the elements in the order that they should be viewed in. The Prezi editor will do the rest.
Paths can also be built while the presentation is being created and editing the path is simple once competed.
The Prezi will zoom and rotate as needed to
pan through the path as laid out. Be careful when pathing not to create too much movement, because viewers can become seasick.
Elements can be grouped together by simply holding down the Control key while clicking the elements that are to be a part of the group.
Once grouped the elements can be made larger or smaller in the same scale and all at once. They can also be moved around the canvas or rotated all at once. This keeps the work canvas neater and makes large scale changes far simpler.
Clicking on the group will bring up this menu. Clicking the lock opens the group.
Layering text and shapes over images creates some interesting effects in Prezi. Images can be annotated using the text and shape options. Images can even be layered over or embedded within each other
inside of the presentation.
A right click of the mouse will bring a menu to send elements forward or backward in the layers.
This layering can create some fun effects when combined with the zooming paths.
Advance and Graphical Organizers
Literary Elements Organizer
Mango Street Picture Walk
Harrison Bergeron
Anticipation Guide
Identifying Similarities
& Differences
Summarizing & Notetaking
Nonlinguistic Representations
Cooperative Learning
More Ideas
Project Based Learning
Study Guides
Photographic Analysis

Project Based Learning
Study Guides
It is possible to create hidden text within the Prezi that fades in as the path is followed. When in the pathing menu, clicking on the star button next to the
number will bring up a fade animation menu.
Once in the fade-in menu, simply click on the elements that should fade in.
As you move through the presentation, these elements will fade-in, allowing the presenter to control the information that is revealed to the audience.
Prezi presentations can be packaged and downloaded for offline presentation. Prezi will package all files, including images and video into a flash file with a player. This can then be shown on any computer or downloaded to disk or flash drive.
After save and exit, choose Download from the front menu. Prezi will automatically prepare the file for download.
Click the download link and save to the preferred location. YouTube videos must be imported into Prezi rather than embedded if offline presentation is required.
Prezi can be shared with others to work on at different times.
In the front menu, simply click "Share" and then move to the Editing tab.
The link can be sent to anyone directly from the tab or copied to another program.
Prezi also provides a service for synchronous collaboration. Up to ten people can log in and work on the same Prezi at once. Each person will be represented on the workspace with an avatar. This is allows for people separated by geography to collaborate in real time on one presentation.
Following the same process as sharing for asynchronous collaboration, have multiple editors log on at the same time. Each person can then edit as needed.
Students can be very creative while retelling stories in Prezi. By creating a template of a plot diagram, chart, or other organizer and sharing it with students, students can easily create presentations on various stories or topics.
Prezi creates another dimension for project based learning. Prezi has a very simple design interface, making graphics very easy for students to create. Prezi can be exported as a PDF file, which means students can create not only presentations, but also posters and charts to be printed. Prezi can be used to create multiple pages by using bracketed frames. These pages can be exported to PDF and converted to eBooks and flippable web magazines. The endless
Once shared a Prezi can be viewed as many times as needed. Since Prezi is online at all times, it only takes a few quick steps to create a QR code for easy downloading of any presentation. These QR codes can be added to study guides, creating a multi-modal study tool for students.
Photographic Analysis
Prezi has a wide variety of shape options that make it simple to create organizers within the canvas. These organizers can contain images and video as well as text. The expanding canvas makes mind mapping simple as well.
Picture walks, anticipation guides, and more can be created and shared in many variations.
Scanning a QR Code will bring up a sample than can be reused for the classroom.
Prezi has an endless variety of shape and text combinations. It can be very easily used to create Venn Diagrams or other organizers that contain text, images, and video.
Contact Information
Prezi can take summarizing and notetaking to a new level.
By breaking the typical linear structure of notes Prezi allows for very strong notes and summaries. Prezi notes can contain multimedia and can be embedded into teacher websites.
Plot Terms
Prezi notes and summaries also allow for students to build connections between the concepts being taught.
Prezi's ease of use and quick image and video embedding can be used to create dynamic nonlinguistic representations for concepts and vocabulary. Frayer models are just one way that Prezi can be used in this manner. It is quick to build, so visuals can be pre made, assigned as projects, or built together as a class in real time.
A warm-blooded vertebrate animal
Live Young
Prezi's cooperative learning capacity is astounding. Students can collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously using the Prezi canvas. The products that can be created using the Prezi editor are numerous and always evolving. Prezi presentations can even be delivered synchronously from multiple computers, allowing students to switch off presenting a group project. Synchronous editing can be recorded using a screen recorder and used as assessment data.
Annotating passages, pictures, and maps is a snap on Prezi. Simply upload the image or passage and layer the text over the top. Use invisible frames to call out sections of the work. Unlike simply annotating on paper, images and videos can be added to the annotation to improve understanding of the text.
Student Retelling
Sample Prezi
Xochitl Belman
Student Retelling
Sample Prezi
Madison Demaris
possibilities make Prezi and simple and powerful tool for 21st century learners.
Student Magazine
Study Guide
The analysis of primary source documents is becoming an increasingly important skill, and Prezi can help teach it. Invisible frames within a photograph or other primary source such as a map or journal can be used to highlight specific areas. Invisible frames can also be used to guide the analysis and reveal only selected portions of the source. Infographics are another great source of information for a classroom, but viewing them on a computer or on an overhead can be a challenge. They are easily loaded into Prezi and by layering invisible frames or highlighting areas, it is easy to show the most important information.
Cassandra Shott -Hammond
Mountain Shadows Middle School
Nuevo, CA 92567


Prezi will accept MP4 and Flash video files, but does not yet have the ability to accept MP3 or sound files. This is a new feature that is scheduled to be added in early 2013.
What about all of the existing PowerPoints?
Little Polish Boy
Visual Analysis
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