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Frodo Baggins: An Epic Hero

No description

Daniel Zipin Mateo Batkis

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Frodo Baggins: An Epic Hero

Frodo Baggins: An Epic Hero
The Call
Gandalf the Grey explains to Frodo the evil power of the Ring given to him by his uncle. Gandalf calls him on a journey to destr the Ring.
The Threshold
Frodo leaves Hobbiton and the Shire altogether with his friends Sam, Merry, and Pippin. This is the first time he has ever left in his life.
Challenges and Temptations
Frodo is stabbed
Gandalf falls from bridge; fellowship thinks he's dead
Separation of the fellowship
Grima Wormtongue
Ever present temptation of the Ring
Frodo is at his lowest point when he is at Mordor, and he has the power to destroy the Ring, but its power is corrupting him, and he begins to turn away with the Ring.
After his journey, Frodo understands his true power, and that you can make a difference even when you're small and have disadvantages. Frodo also learned the importance of his friends.
Frodo is reunited with the Fellowship. He then goes back to the Shire. After that, he lives with the elves forever.
And so he was called by Gandalf the Grey to the fires of Mordor.
Off he went on a boat away from the Shire, the place of his childhood.
Hobbits, men, elves, wizards, dwarves…they all charged onward with the Ring.
But the powers of evil were growing inside him
Hobbit Frodo now knew his power; he was changed forever.
Frodo destroyed the Ring and its power, and in doing so, defeated Sauron. The Fellowship saved Middle Earth. Aragorn became king, and the Hobbits were greatly honored.
And Hobbit Frodo destroyed the Ring once and for all.
He simply moved onward from his home to the elves.
Tolkien, inspire me with the spirit of Middle Earth.
The Song
The Star Spangled Banner
"Tolkein, inspire me with the spirit of Middle Earth."
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