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The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

No description

Lucas Xiong

on 16 January 2016

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Transcript of The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

Main Character
The main character is Ordinary Boy.
I know what you're probably thinking, "What kind of name is that?"
Well, they live in a place called "Superopolis," where everyone has a superpower, except Ordinary Boy.
Ordinary Boy has a normal attitude, not too nice, not to mean (what do you expect)
All though, O boy is turns adventurous when he, and his club, the Junior Leaguers team up.
He also goes to school at Watson Elementary.
Main Problem
In Superopolis, there's a guy named the "Amazing Indestructo" who is claimed the greatest superhero.
But things are not very super these days with the evil Professor Brain-Drain on the loose.
Meanwhile, O boy and the Junior Leaguers are in a baffling mystery trying to find collector cards.(collector cards are cards kind of like baseball cards, but of superheroes.)
And to top it all over that, some mischievous sinister is causing madness with the collector cards.
Read on to find out what happens.
I feel great and happy when I read this book because there aren't any sad parts or depressing parts.
If you like happy and mysterious books, this is an awesome fit for you.
Though this book isn't that advanced, it's always good to read some nice entertainment.
I couldn't put his book down so I whipped through almost half the book in a day.
I wonder what will happen in the second and third book of the series?
Who is the mysterious Meteor Boy and is he dead or alive?
I think the theme is to never give up and keep trying.
The extraordinary adventures of
by: William Boniface
ordinary boy
Genre: Fantasy
... Off to Superopolis...
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