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Canada's timeline in the interwar period

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daisy xia

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Canada's timeline in the interwar period

Braden and Daisy Roaring 20's Timeline Paris Peace Conference Old Age Pension 1919 1926 King-Byng crisis. 1921 King refused to send troops to support Britain in Chanak Crisis 1926 The Imperial Conference 1927 The Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King wanted to dismantle parliament to have general vote. However Byng refuses and appoints Meighen who was kicked out 3 days later. After this incident the Governor general would no longer alter any results. The British colonies came forward to as autonomy from Britain. The British accepted the terms and allowed Canada to make their own decisions. This was a huge leap for Canadian autonomy. Older age Canadians that were over 70 would receive social assistance. This would come in the form of money.
It was important because Canada was starting to show that they strongly care for their citizens, at the time. Canada obtained a separate seat and a separate signature from Britain. Canada then was given a separate seat in League of Nations, the late United Nations.
Canada appeared in the international stage as an independent country. Agnes Macphail was elected as first female member in Parliament 1921 Agnes Macphail won her riding in rural Ontario to become the first female member in Parliament.
She called for prison reform and founded the Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada which aimed in helping women being imprisoned.
Macphail's success in election exhibits women's changing in role in the society and rising in status. Britain sent troops to Port Chanak in order to prevent Turkey from obtaining the waterway from Black Sea through Mediterranean.
Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie King claimed that Canada would not be automatically in war and the Canadian parliament would decide on whether sending troops or not.
Canada, at the first time, did not take part in British issues and act independently. Canada autonomy was indicated. Halibut Treaty 1923 Canada and US signed a treaty for protection of Halibut on the coast of British Columbia and Alaska. Though the treaty never came into effect, the process of negotiating and signing the treaty was the first time Canada independently dealing with foreign issues without regarding Britain's opinion.
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