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Murder of Diane Maxwell Jackson

No description

Georgia McK

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Murder of Diane Maxwell Jackson

Murder of Diane Maxwell Diane Maxwell Jackson was murdered on December 14, 1969 in Houston, TX. She was forced into a shack near her job. Raped, strangled and stabbed to death. Latent fingerprints were lifted from outside the victim's car. At the time, there were suspects. In 1989, the victim's brother David Maxwell asked the Houston PD to review her case. the fingerprints were put through Houston and Texas AFIS but no positive ID came up. In July 2003, the fingerprints were submitted again. 20 possible matches came up. Including James Ray Davis. James Ray Davis Davis had been a criminal for a while. In fact he had been released from jail 9 days before the murder. He was there again for auto theft a month after Diane's murder. When Davis was questioned, he originally very calm, into photos were shown of Diane. He admitted to murder but not to rape. Davis plead guilty to murder on November 24, 2003 ans was sentenced to life in prison. All in all, the police did not believe they would be able to solve such an old murder. And they may not have, if it weren't for her brother.
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