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Never Let Me Go Chapters 18-19 by: Arashdeep and Drasti

Chapters 18-19 by: Arashdeep and Drasti

drasti patel

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Never Let Me Go Chapters 18-19 by: Arashdeep and Drasti

Picture of happy families
at Kingsfield Recovery Center, symbolize how happy the outsiders are compared to the sad, hurt clones.
Chapter 18
Plot Development
Character Development:

She has completely changed in this chapter
- She has high tolerance; doesn’t get jealous by Kathy’s and Tommy’s bonding
- She has become weak by her donations, isn’t very powerful and bossy anymore
- is apologetic and has regrets in behaving disrespectfully way with her friends
- Takes risk, helps, thinks of Kathy &Tommy before her self
- She has started to appreciate her friendship with Kathy and Tommy
- But still does everything for a specific purpose (plans the trip to apologies and to convince them to get a deffereal)

1. Why does Ruth first hesitate to speak to Laura?
2. Why is Hailsham closing down
3. Will Kathy become Ruth's carer?
4. Why does Ruth not trust Kathy?

Never Let Me Go
Chapter 18-19

By: Arashdeep & Drasti

Chapter 19- Plot Development
Kathy & Ruth go to Kingsfield Center to Pick up Tommy, for the trip to stranded boat
Ruth changes, isn't the rude, ignorant friend anymore (Ex. Kath's and Tommy's bonding didn't make Ruth jealous)
We can see weakness and some fear in Ruth
Chrissie completed after her second donation (early)
Ruth confess and apologies for:
- keeping Kathy & Tommy away from each other
- Lying to Kathy about her super strong urges to
have sex
Ruth gives Kathy and Tommy Madam's address to find more about the deferral & tries to convince them to sign up for it (her form of apology)
Kathy forgives Ruth and they become friends again
Kathy promises Ruth that she'll become Tommy's carer & both will try for the deferral
Ruth completes after her second donation
Quote: “‘The main thing is, I kept you and Tommy apart[…] [t]hat was the worst thing I did’” (Ishiguro 232)

She regrets keeping the lovers apart
Maintain a stronger friendship with Kathy and Tommy

Ruth gives information on the deferral to balance out her selfish behavior.

On the journey back to the recovery centres, Kathy said, “

once all the strong emotions had settled, once the night began to set in and all the lights came on along the roadside, I was feeling okay’” (Ishiguro 234).

Kathy overcomes though circumstances with friends really quickly
• She doesn’t really get too attached with anyone
• Little to no emotion towards anyone results in quick forgiveness

Many obstacles occur in friendship, but they only make the
relationship stronger.


During Ruth's dreadful donation, Kathy says “‘that very last time I saw her, even though she wasn’t able to speak, I knew what it was she wanted to say to me.’” (Ishiguro 235)


Ruth and Kathy had high understanding and knowledge about each other
they were able to express and understand each other’s thoughts without verbal communication.
relation like these helps friends know how to support each other in tough and difficult situations.
These types of connection will always help build and maintain stronger friendship.

Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Chapter 19
The connections of text to the real world in chapter 19, is the similarities of family and
friend’s determination to help complete the goals and dreams of the sufferng individuals
even after their death.

In Never let me go, Kathy fafils Ruth’s wish of careering for Tommy even when she wasn’t really interested (but as a good friend Kath finishes Ruth’s
There can be minor and or major fight between friends and family, but these conflicts don’t last a lifetime.
A good example of this in the real world would be the Terry Fox foundation. Fox’s family still runs this foundation for Terry, to help accomplish Terry’s dream of curing cancer.
There are many arguments in the real world between sibling and parents, they may be intense at times but you can’t be mad at them forever, you will eventually forgive them for their mistake or apologies for yours’
In Chapter 19, Kathy and Ruth have an extremely emotional phase, where Kath
couldn’t even stand talking to Ruth, but eventually Kathy had to forgive Ruth for
her terrible mistakes

1. Why do you think Ruth gives Kathy and Tommy Madame's address ?
2. Why do you think Ruth has dramatically changed?

3. What has caused these dramatic changes in Ruth's personality .
4. What reaction do the clones have to the stranded fishing boat, and why do you think they have this reaction?
Question that may appear in the chapter:
Stranded fishing boat which the clones are obsessed with symbolizes ...
-A way of transportation to escape the cruel
society and to somewhere with equal rights
& opportunity
Kathy's promise to Ruth about carering for Tommy symbolizes, the strength of their friendship
Chapter 19
- Kathy is now a carer
- Kathy meets Laura, her friend from Hailsham
- The two dicuss Ruth and her first donation
- They discuss Hailsham closing down
- Kathy becomes Ruth's carer
- Kathy and Ruth don't talk about Hailsham or the cottages
- Kathy discovers Ruth does not trust her
- Ruth shares that she would like to go see a stranded boat
- They discuss bringing Tommy along

Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go. Vintage Canada: 2005. Print.

1. Why is Hailsham closing down?

2. Will Kathy become Ruth's carer

3. Why does Ruth not trust Kathy?

4. Will Ruth and Kathy ever share the same bond they once did?
Mood/Tone /Atmosphere
- Gloomy
- Depressing
- Exhausted


Character development
Kathy has matured over time. This is clear as she becomes Ruth's carer, despite everything that happened at the cottages several years ago. Kathy's maturity allows for her to become Ruth's carer.

Laura's personality has changed. In Hailsham, she was always happy and outgoing whereas now she is no longer like that at all. Therefore overtime, being a carer and the exhaustion which comes with it has changed Laura.

Quote: "I waited to see a flash of the old Laura, with the mischievous grin and inevitable wisecrack, but none of that came" (Ishiguro 209)
Theme 1- Communication

Theme statement- Communication can often be the solution to problems in life

Ishiguro demonstrates that communication can often be the solution to problems as sometimes talking matters out can clear misunderstandings and clarify problems.

"...[W]e didn't say anything about the way we'd parted. Maybe if we tackled it at the start, things would have played out differently..." (Ishiguro 214)

This goes to show that had Kathy and Ruth discussed what had happened at the cottages earlier, things could have gone smoother than they did when discussing the matter later on.

"...[O]nce I officially became her carer, and I began to see her regularly, the sense of something not being right grew stronger" (Ishiguro 214)

This quote demonstrates that their relationship did not seem right to Kathy. They did not discuss their problems from the past and as a result more and more problems were created.
Song lyrics
"Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say that I'm sorry now?"
by, Justin Bieber

This song lyric by Justin Bieber, related to the scene when Ruth tries to apologies to Kathy and Tommy for her selfish behaviors, and expects to be forgiven.

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