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Lyme Bay

No description

chris banks

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Lyme Bay

Lyme Bay Tragedy Overview Date: March 1993 Location: Lyme Regis, Devon, Uk Group Size: 8 students, 1 teacher & 2 instructors What happened? The group set off in the morning on a tip across the bay, the teacher soon got into trouble, while one instructor was helping the teacher, the other instructor rafted the group up while this was going on. While the teacher was being helped the raft drifted further out to sea where the wave height increased, as a result of this the waves started to come inside the kayaks. Before long all of the kayaks had filled with water and all nine individuals from the raft were now in the water.
Result: 4 students died
AALA created
First successful case of corporate man slaughter Contributing Factors The Lyme Bay tragedy had many contributing factors, some of these were the related to the equipment used. for example in the report made by AALA in 2002 it is mentioned that the group wore life jackets and the instructors
buoyancy aids.
The group did not take any flairs with them, and the group did not take spray decks with them.

These factors are also brought up in an article from a news paper in 1994 (TES).

- Group couldn't even paddle in a straight line
- Group only had an hours worth of training
- Inexperienced instructors
- Group not instructed to inflate the life jackets Legal Proceedings

•Peter Kite, the owner of OLL Ltd. was prosecuted for corporate manslaughter and sentenced to three years in prison

•Before this tragedy there were no specific legislations or guidelines for activity centres within the United Kingdom, it was more a self-regulated one
•"It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees.”
•“The managing director had been warned that low safety standards might lead to deaths. The management structure was simple, enabling the firm to be convicted of corporate manslaughter and the managing director jailed for three years.” (BBC news)

•“the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees”
Overview Date- 22nd march 1993
Group size- 8 pupils, 1 teacher & 2 instructors
outcome- 4 deaths
Location- lyme Bay, South Coast, Devon (modern equivalents, not 1993 accurate) Spray Decks Spray decks are used to keep water from coming inside your kayak, this would have helped to keep the waves from filling up the kayaks.
However the use of spray decks may not have been suitable for the group because of the lack of training they had received. Kelly Evans (2012) states that “it is not a good practice to give a novice a spray deck because it increases the risk of entrapment, you can give groups training on them but you would need to be confident that all participants would be able to exit the kayak, because of this spray decks tend to only be used for training and higher levels of paddling”. (see hand-out 1) References AALA 2002 Past, present and future - the development of current regulation of outdoor adventure activities http://www.aals.org.uk/lymebay01.html-accessed

TES NewspapeTragedy mystified sea 1994 expert http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=8795-accessed 04/12/2012

Kelly Evens (2012) personal communication [SMS] trainee senior instructor, top barn activity centre, top barn, Holt Heath, Worcester

Oxford Dictionaries (2012)http://oxforddictionaries.com/ "Why does it take a massive tragedy to trigger a change in regulation and law?" Governing Bodies Duty of care & Loco-parentis Neglect (oxford dictionary), in human terms rather than property is “fail to care for properly, not pay proper attention to; disregard: you neglect our advice at your peril, [with infinitive] fail to do something: he neglected to write to her”, an example of this can be found in Discussion time... Make a checklist of safety controls which
could help to avoid a repetition of such an
incident see hand-out 3 Before Lyme bay there was no direct government regulations affecting outdoor adventure providers in the UK. (see hand-out 2) “(of a teacher or other adult responsible for children) in the place of a parent: he was used to acting in loco parentis”,
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