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No description

De Ana Adams

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Art

De Ana :)
Passion (Art & Teaching)
There's this guy hes my inspiration for all my art work ,Anytime I'm stuck on anything i go to him for help. I can be completely blank-minded and he would be right there and i would immediately know what i could do.
My second passion is teaching, i have this weird patience for younger kids. i love to be around them.
my inspiration.
De Ana
My name is De Ana , i was born March 20, 1995 ,and I love to paint. i spend my free time drawing, doodling and painting. I also love to be around my family and friends. I'm a very social person. My multiple intelligences are intrapersonal and musical.
I love to be around kids , i want to grow up to be a teacher.
Im sorry that i cannot show you a wordle or tagxedo cause this stupid school put the firewall up. And to conclude, overall i love to be involved with everyone and everything.
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