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Reid is gay

rob misleh

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam

Located on Eastern margin of IndoChina
331,688 Square Kilometers
Borders Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea, China, Laos, and Cambodia
Tropical Monsoon Climate
Humidity Averages 84%
90% of Precipitation occurs in the Summer Fan Si Pan (Countries highest peak- 3,142 meters high) Coastal Lowlands Government - Socialist Republic of Vietnam Single-party state
Communist Party of Vietnam
New Constitution: 1992 Force Controlling System
All key government positions are filled with party members
Party Cadres attend most social events
All citizens must support a party cadre
No Separation of Power:

National Assembly
Consists of 493 members
Writes and Approves laws
Elected every five years
Currently the President and Prime Minister hold high positions
Only the Communist Party of Vietnam can legal hold power
14 members
Sets Communist Party policy Executive Legislative President Nguyen Minh Triet Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung Party Secretariot
Consists of 8 Politburo members
oversees day to day policy implemation
Head of State
Nominal Commander of Armed Forces
Chairman of Council o National Defense and Security Judicial

Supreme People's Court of Vietnam
Highest court of appeal and review
Ministry of Defense
Handles all cases related to the military History
Descended from Mongols from China and migrants from Indonesia
First ruler was Hung Vuong
Founded in 2879 BC Ruled by China from 111 BC until the 15th century
16th century Portugal came as 1st Europeans Conquered by France in 19th century
Divided into 3 regions United by France in 1887
All 3 regions had different cultural beliefs Japan occupied Vietnam in WWII
French stayed and fought until 1945 French forces in Vietnam were weakened in WWII
Ho Chi Minh organizedindependence movement At end of WWII Ho Chi Minh's army seized Hanoi in 1946
Ho Chi Minh declared a republic
French came into Hanoi and crushed rebellion France set up unified govt. between 3 regions
Only the south and middle regions accepted
Bao Dai became emperor in 1949
North was lead by Ho Chi Minh China's revolution gave north support for a communist govt.
Ho Chi Minh's forces (Viet Cong) took contro of half the country on May 5, 1949
Viet Cong were being backed by China and Russia 1968 figthing between north and south escalated
North attacked the South on Vietnamese New Year
The attack was labeled the Tet Offensive
North won and it killed the South's moral U.S. invaded Cambodia in 1970
This marked the end of a major U.S. presence in Vietnam
1971 U.S. bombed the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was a crucial North Vietnamese supply line
U.S. left war on Jan. 27, 1973 On April 20, 1975 Viet Cong took Saigon (South Capital)
Ended the Vietnam War
1.3 miliion Vietnamese died in war along with 58,000 U.S. troops China stopped helping Vietnam in 1977
Vietnam was persecuting Chinese residents in country
Vietnam was also trying to take over Cambodia during this time By 1979 Vietnam's ecconomy was devastatd
Didn't start to improve until 1986
Vietnam finally left Cambodia in 1988
Signed peace treaty in October of 1991 U.S. started trading with Vietnam in 1994
Full diplomatic relations resumed in 1995
U.S. gave Vietnam $146 million for debt that South built up during the war
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