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Unit 6

No description

Julia Quinn

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6

Genre, Narrative, Representation
Production Technology
Distribution Methods
Ideological changes over time
Narrative structures
Positive / Negative representations
Critical Approaches
Content Analysis
Semiotic Analysis
Audience Responses
Audience Theory:
Hypodermic Needle model
Uses & Gratifications Theory
Reception Study
Passive / Active Consumption
Effects Debate:
Exposure to explicit content
Effects of advertising
Health Concerns
Negotiated, preferred, oppositional, participatory, cultural competence, fan culture
Defining Audiences
Recap of audience profiling
Reviewing audience statistics
Unit 6
Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products
Areas of Study
Be able to develop responses to media products
Addressing Audiences
Selection of content
Construction of content
Using Codes & Conventions
Understand how media producers define audiences for their products
Understand how media producers create products for specific audiences
Understand how media audiences respond to media products
Audience Feedback
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