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Who can say what?

No description

Marissa Canter

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Who can say what?

Who can say what?
Campus Recreation Staff Training
Provide students with an opportunity to explore the notions of censorship, offensive language, and political correctness
Students will consider how decisions are made about which individuals and groups can use certain words and phrases.
Students will have conversation about the power and impact of using certain words and phrases.
Students will consider the appropriateness of their use of words and phrases in various settings.
Ground Rules!
• Open-Closed Environment:
-The nature of the program is to promote open dialogue, and continue conversation regarding the subject matter.
-It is our expectation that what someone says here of an individual personal matter, will not be shared and discussed with others, as each person experiences things differently.

-We should not try to hinder what someone feels the need to say.
"I'm totally cool with that"
"I'm not sure how I feel about that"
"That's so not cool with me"
1-How did you feel throughout the process?
2-Were there any scenarios for which you were surprised by other peoples responses?
3-Would you have responded differently to any of these questions if the makeup of the room were different?
4-Who gets to determine when something is permissible or off limits?
5-How would you address the speaker in the scenarios if you found something to be offensive?
You Tube Clips

Fall 2015
• Honesty:
-Complete honesty with yourself and others is the best way to combat your own repressed fears and emotions.
-This will be a great chance for you to not only learn about those in the group, but about yourself as well.
-Being completely honest may be upsetting, or sensitive, but I challenge you to go as deep as you can in thinking about this.
Ground Rules!
Ground Rules!
• Respect for the person speaking:
-One person speaks at a time; and instead of speaking out on emotion, breathe and pause as you collect your thoughts before speaking.

-This will enable you to respond appropriately and will give the person speaking a chance to properly formulate his/her thoughts...
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