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No description

Ashley Patterson

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Sloths

Sloths By Ashley Patterson Evolution Megatherium Two-toed Sloth
About 500 pounds with short hind legs, long front claws. Megalonyx Three-toed Sloth
Like the Megatherium but much larger SLOTH Noun

Reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness.

A slow-moving tropical American mammal (genera Bradypus (three-toed sloths) and Choloepus (two-toed sloths)) that hangs upside down from a tree Habitat Canopies of Central & South American rain forests
Cecropia Trees
Up to 700 sloths can inhabit one square kilometer of rain forest Diet Leaves, flowers, fruits (all from trees)
Sloths are omnivores
Sometimes eat lizards & insects Owning a sloth Good environment (kept up to 77degrees F)
Proper meals
Keep them healthy
Exotic pet insurance Fur Sloths fur is tinted green because of algae
Ticks, Moths & beetles are common species of insects found on them
The algae is a source of nutrition In The Wild Hunted by jaguars, humans, snakes, & birds Baby Sloths Born in trees
Stay with their mother until 6 months old
Lick little pieces of leaves off their mothers lips
Apply what they've learned from their mother into the world They have poor eyesight so they look for food by their sense of smell They attack by biting & using their sharp claws. Facts Live up to 40 years
Their long arms help them to swim
They sometimes grab their arms thinking it's a branch and they fall to their death Works Cited http://natureinstitute.org/nature/sloth.htm http://www.cryptozoology.com/forum/topic_view_thread.php?tid=18&pid=472005 All videos sourced from YouTube All pictures sourced from Prezi http://www.therainforests.info/animals/sloth.htm http://www.slothsanctuary.com/
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